Jackie has a twin

For Time:

60 Pull-ups
100 Thrusters (45)
2000m Row

Post time and scale in comments.

ACF gearspotting Rome Taylor D Shorty
ACF Gearspotting c/o Taylor D aka Shorty
The ACF wristband made it to The Colloseum, Rome, Italy


39 Responses to “Jackie has a twin”

  1. Jim Kelly

    23.02 Rx Not Fast. Not Fast at all. My legs are jello though.

  2. Monchichi

    15#, ring row

    Hurts so good!!

  3. TIMBO

    20:52 RX felt I could have picked up a little time on PU and thrusters. No alot however this time was close to maxing me out. Way to go Chalkman. The boy has an extra gas tank somewhere.

  4. Chalkman

    17:17 Rx
    Not fast enough to beat Dean. Thrusters got old fast…

  5. just jerry

    23:26 (rx) rested a bit much. Good job 5:30.

  6. carahinojosa

    26:05 (40 pull-ups, 35#)
    Awesome noon class–thanks, G 🙂
    Highlights from today: 10 pullups before coming off the bar, learning to do a burpee correctly, G’s rowing tips, and keeping my eyes closed the last 500m while listening to Freddy say ’50 more!…50 more!…50 more!…….’
    Good day, good day. 🙂

    • G

      Good job on the 10 consecutive pull-ups Cara! All you have to do now is to compete at a local competition to earn your black beanie! Anything to make everyone love burpees 🙂

  7. carahinojosa

    And great to have Monica back today, too!

  8. T-REX

    21:32(rx). Thanks G for the nooner! Way to go Andi, Robin, and Cara and all the hot Nooners! Hey Monica! Upside down Jackie, evil… just evil

    • G

      You’re welcome T-Rex! Good job on your row!

  9. Billdozer

    16:49(rx). That was a lovely row at the end, my ladies performed well at 9:30, even though I got some stern looks when I told them to row faster.

  10. Will C

    20:47 RX. Great job by the nooners and great cues by G! “Jackie has a twin,” probably should have been named “Jackie has an evil twin.”

  11. Trip

    20:32 RX
    Jackie’s twin is definitely evil! Great job 4pm class! Dane you killed it today! Great job!
    Good seeing Ryan back and nice meeting Mark for the first time!
    Great coaching as always Ram!

  12. Southpaw

    23:40 (25, bapu).

    Sure was glad to be in front of the fan!

    Great job 4pmers! Thanks Coach Daniel!

  13. txphilologist

    29:33 (Ring rows, 39//35#, 61/20#)
    Proud to have completed this long WOD without puking!
    Even prouder to have the cheers from my ACF box. Thanks, y’all!

  14. Num83R5


    Still in recovery mode so i had to scale this to a modified scale A

    20 PU Unassisted
    20 PU band
    50 thrusters
    2000 meter row.

    The shirt had to come off and that row was spicy at the end.

    Great tips Professor! Awesome job everyone at 6!!!

  15. Russell J

    20:36 Scale “A” (30 pull-ups, 50 thrusters, 2k row)
    First 9 pullups unassisted, remaining 21 w/black band
    I’ve got to stop getting sick, traveling, and doing one WoD every three weeks.

  16. JLocks

    22:07 RX
    Gotta get better at my butterfly pull-ups…oh…uhh…and my thrusters…..mmmm….and rowing, too!

  17. The Professor

    27:52 Rx.

    Sub 6 for PUs and sub 8 for row put thrusters at nearly 14 mins, perhaps the only thing I’ve ever done slower than burpees. I think it is because a thruster is anti-rowing.

  18. Patrick Deiss

    19:12 rx
    I was spent by the time I got on the rower.

  19. Nisha

    28:15 RX
    Thanks for the push on the PUs Sara…and thanks to Professor for rowing tips…rowing felt good, thrusters felt like crap 🙁

  20. Disco :D

    26:30 (35#,bapu) trying to be kind to my shoulder…

    Great working with 8:30

  21. Eileen

    29:52 (grn bd; 25#). Was happy to finish. Wobbled out the door. Good class 7:00 pmers.

  22. Monica G

    Thanks Cara it was good to get back after being out for a month. This was a good one to come back to and scale down with G’s help. Hey Judy!! Missed my noon people

  23. G

    22:47 (Rx) Very slow on the rower. First time training with Cora and it has been a while with She-Ra!
    Thanks for the push on the rower Teach!
    Great class Teach and Arnold!
    So good to see a lot of folks back in action!

  24. Kristina Escobar

    What a horrible nasty workout! I went home and cried in my freshly ripped hands. I just love crossfit 🙂 Yes, moving faster would have been nice. One day I’ll be able to catch you Grace! Thanks for pushing me Teach!

    26:40 35#


    • G

      Ha! Tina, it will not take you long to catch up to me…that I know for sure! You did just that when you started with us a long time ago….and it didn’t take long.
      You just had a baby and you are rockin’ it already!
      Next time when you say you brought Paleo-ish cookies I will need to set aside one 🙂 Must have been delicious because the tray was clear. Nevertheless, thank you for sharing them!

  25. Napkin

    21:24 Rx

    Pullups felt good. Must have been the cookie – SheRa!

  26. Beth 'Teach' Spearman

    Great work tonight everyone!!! This was Jackie’s Evil Twin, lots of blood, sweat and maybe even a few tears 🙂

    Thanks Professor for the on-the-spot rowing lesson for the 6:00 group!! Our resident expert delivered!

    Nice to coach G at 7:00 tonight…it’s been a while 🙂

  27. The Professor

    I had wondered why Kristina was called SheRa, who was so iconically blonde….then I saw her do pull-ups at the 7 class. Princess of Power, indeed!!

  28. arnold

    DNF 🙁
    The pain G inflicted on me with a KB handle should count for something!

  29. SM

    27:53 RX

    Another super slow one for me. But was happy to do all 60 pull ups without any shoulder pain and only 7 blisters, but no rips. The thrusters were at a snails pace, could feel them in the gimpy shoulder. Row wasn’t horrible.

    Good job Nisha on the pull ups!!