The Mamas & The Papas

For time complete:

Buy in
50 DUs

Power snatch (95)(65)
Cash out
3 rope climbs (15′)

Post time and scale in comments.

Team ACF13 CrossFit Games Bound
Team ACF13 is CF Games bound!


Team ACF13 2nd Place CFG South Central Regional
Congrats to our competitors, Team ACF13 (Benjamin Bacon, Will Maloy, Jamie Carter, Janet Black, Beth Spearman and Daniel Ward), who placed 2nd at the CF Games South Central Regional this past weekend. We are so proud that you have represented Atomic CrossFit in ways that words can’t event describe. You all exemplify teamwork, displayed discipline, sportsmanship, all heart and gave it your all. (photo c/o Aryan Barto of Behemoth CF)


26 Responses to “The Mamas & The Papas”

  1. Gina

    18:47 (55#, 5T2B & rest T2high air)

    Congratulations to all of you for showing such heart and sportsmanship!

  2. The Professor

    DNF – went to grab that rope, soreness turned to pain, and I stopped. 17:20 to the rope

  3. just jerry

    16:46 (rx) nice job 8:30. Good to see professor and southpaw in the morning. Fun wod even though I still hate rope climbs.

    Congrats Team ACF! It was a blast keeping up with all the updates and seeing yall kick ass.

  4. Southpaw

    14:25 (plate hop, 45#, knees way up). Pretty soon I’ll be able to do K2E. T2B won’t be far behind.

    I was close to being finished at 12 minutes, but I had trouble with the 3rd rope climb. I got only half way up twice but I couldn’t believe I was only good for 2 full rope climbs so I waited a minute & made it all the way up on the third time. I was much happier that way. 🙂

    Great job 8:30s! Nice working out with all of you. Thanks Coach Daniel!

  5. sonal

    13:43 rx (t2b really need practice :/ )

    Good job 8:30 ! thanks Daniel

    YEAAAHHH!!!!!!!!! Sooo excited for TEAM ACF!!!! 🙂 Congrats

  6. Katie Ramos Swan

    YES!!!!! So freaking exciting!! Way to go Team Atomic!!!

  7. Billdozer

    Day 1

    11:02(rx). Fun one after Murph yesterday. Did a little snatch balance and ab work afterwards. Mega ab is tired

  8. Jimy

    16:00 (105 Cleans)

    So proud of the Team.

  9. Papa C

    19:51 got 21 consecutive DUs!, 65#
    nice to see big 9:30 group!

  10. T-REX

    13:20(rx). Muscles and grip still fatigued from Murph! Thx Daniel! Hi JackRabbit!

    Super proud to be part of this tribe! Go TeamACF13!!!

  11. Famela Due Urcia


    Congrats Team ACF13!!

  12. Famela Due Urcia

    Oh ya I did wod today lol!

  13. Trip

    14:57 RX
    So horrible! Professor I feel your pain! Tore on both hands doing murph so T2B were brutal.
    Did post WOD OHS, FS, & BS with sparky!

  14. Southpaw

    Gave the report on the WOD this morning.

    This afternoon did the Bear Complex in open gym. 55-60-65-70-65.

    My first time to use the girl bar, & even though I consider myself fairly well educated, I clearly can not do math. I wanted to start at 45, so i put 2-10s on the 35 # bar to start & couldn’t figure out why it seemed heavy. I’m so smart.
    uldnThe last time I did the Bear in April I went 35-55. So I started this time where I ended last time. I was a struggle, & I knew I wouldn’t get 75#, so I took it back to 65 for the last round.

    I guess I did pretty well in that case. Thanks to the girls in the back for the support.

  15. Num83R5

    On the long road back. Started with 150 singles , 65# , toes to bar as long as I could then K2E as I wore down, rope get ups. 15:19

    Great job 6ers!

  16. Amber Pearson

    19:49 including getting torn hands taped up by Sid so I could do the rope climbs.
    Did get 36 consecutive DU’s at the beginning of the WOD so I’m pumped about that!
    Great job 6:00! 🙂

  17. Kyle D

    Not really sure as I was about ready to take a DNF on this one. 75#, 27 T2B and remainder V-Ups (hate, hate, hate this T2B movement….destroys my hands for weeks and not worth it for me to give up workouts because of it), and rope get ups. It WILL get better I know, but frustrated after a long weekend.

    On a BRIGHTER note: Go Team ACF!!! So very proud and stoked for you guys and gals.

  18. Jerk

    15:19 (65#)
    Had to scale to nurse my pulled inner quad, just above knee. Not sure if that’s really the groin.

    Airrosti, saved my life last week. Love it! Full range of motion already. still working on squatting though. pretty painful under load. Next appointment, Thursday.

  19. Max N

    15:47 scaled
    Plate hops, 65# power snatch, T2B (floor), 9 rope get ups.