Jack Johnson and Tom O’Leary

For time complete:

10 Renegade Man-Makers (35)(25) dumbbells
20 Push-Press (95)(65)
30 Jumping squats (45# barbell)
40 Pull-ups
50 Walking lunge steps
60 Sit-ups
400m Run

Post time and scale in comments.

Silverback 3
Happy Birthday Coach Scott aka Silverback!


Jerry Snatch Team Sting 2013
Happy Birthday Jerry C aka Just Jerry!


32 Responses to “Jack Johnson and Tom O’Leary”

  1. Iron E

    19:25 – 25#,65#, green bapu

    Happy bday Silverback and Just Jerry!

  2. Beth 'Teach' Spearman

    Happy Birthday Silverback and Jerry!!! Have a fantastic day 🙂

  3. Lesley Griffith

    Happy Birthday Silverback and Just Jerry!
    18:36 (BAPU)
    Thanks for the extra sprint Grace 🙁

    • G

      Lesley, way to be a trooper! Embracing your weakness will make you better!

  4. Iceman

    18:15 (30#, 1/2 blue – 1/2 green bapu)

    HBD Silverback and Just Jerry!

  5. Speedy J

    Happy Birthday Silverback and Jerry!! Enjoy your day!!

  6. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday, Silverback!!! (Did you notice that Oktoberfest is back on??)

    Happy Birthday, Just Jerry!!

    20:49 (15s, 35, green)

    My quads are screaming! I love it! But I’ll spend some extra time with them today.

    Great job, 8:30! Thanks Coach Daniel!

  7. just jerry

    15:21 (rx) fun birthday wod. Good job 5:30. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    Happy birthday silverback!

  8. Monchhichi

    Happy Happy Birthday Silverback and Just Jerry! Best wishes!

  9. Sex Panther

    Happy Birthday Silverback and Jerry!!

  10. andi

    Happy Birthday Scott & Jerry!!

    17:24 RX

    I don’t know who this Jack Johnson & Tom O’Leary are but they are deadly!! Great job Nooners!!

  11. carahinojosa

    19:02 (15#db)

    “Um, excuse me, has anyone seen a forklift?”

  12. Luchador Wrestler

    11:54 Rx
    “Pick up your search pace buddy – The forklift is heading down Murphy.”

  13. Num83R5

    20:50 (30# DB) (75# PP) (45# JS) BAPU Blue

    Somewhere during the 40 PU Pukie was starting to call my name and I had to drop to singles. UGH!!

    Thanks for the push during the run Nisha. You have no idea how much it helped.

    Slowly but surely I’m getting back.

    Happy Birthday Scott and Jerry!

  14. Chad "The Nomad" Blaylock

    Happy birthday Scott & Jerry!

    16:59 Rx – should have been faster…

  15. Eileen

    Happy Birthday Scott & Jerry.
    19:11 (10# DBs; 35# PP; 15# JS; grn bd; row) Thanks Coach Janet.

  16. Sid aka ugh

    13:00 rx – happy birthday silverback and jerry!!

  17. Papa C

    23:50 25# db, 95# push press, 20 pull ups/20 bapu
    needed a nap this afternoon

  18. G

    15:38 (Rx)
    Loved your class Coach Janet – Speedy J 🙂

    Luchador Wrestler, if you want to throw down fisticuffs, fine. I’ve got Jack Johnson and Tom O’Leary waiting for ya right here!

  19. Adam Segal

    21:23 (30#,95# 15pu 25 bapu)
    G, Just Jerry & Leslie thanks for the push!
    Leslie thanks for help on the run, much appreciated!

  20. Liz N

    Renegade on knees, 20# DB, 35# PP, 15# JS, Rings
    Jerry & Scott- hope you guys had a great Bday!! Feliz Cumpleanos!!
    Thanks Coach Janet

  21. Max N

    20# DB, 85# Push Press, 45# Jumping Squats, 30 Ring pull-ups
    Happy Birthday Jerry & Scott hope y’all had a good one!

  22. Speedy J

    Great work tonight!!! Big classes, doing work!! The heat is here, please stay hydrated!

  23. T-REX

    15:47(rx), love chippers! Thx Janet! Love watching my daughter blossoming into a Young Gun! Thx Steph!

  24. Jammie

    19:11 (Scaled)
    Renegade w/ Knees & 15# DBs, 55# PP, 30# for my jumping squats, ring rows for my pull ups.
    Set my goal at 20 minutes when I saw what the WOD was…so 19:11 was acceptable!

    Happy to have Coach Janet back this Thursday!

  25. Amber Pearson

    16:57 (20# DB, ring rows due to ripped hands)

    Thanks, Janet!

  26. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    17:40 Rx

    Nice working out with Keith on Sunday am open gym. Coming back from pregnancy (sympathy version).. may be a long haul back. Felt good about pace till I saw other times. ie.. Just Jerry and George and Sid

  27. Sex Panther

    18:24 (30,75)

    Nice workout this morning. I wanted sub-20 and got it thanks to some scaling. Got to work on the gas tank!
    Great to wod with Easy Rider on Sunday mornings!