Bat Out of Hell

For time complete:

15 Push-ups
2 Rope Climbs (15′)
15 Box Jumps (24″)(20″)
20 Push-ups
2 Rope Climbs
20 Box Jumps
25 Push-ups
2 Rope Climbs
25 Box Jumps
30 Push-ups
2 Rope Climbs
30 Box Jumps

Post time and scale in comments.

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Happy Birthday Carmen aka “Vogue”!

The Puzzle – Event 1 by Jim Kelly

Couples “Jackie”
1000m Row; 50 Thrusters @45#; 30 Pull-ups for time
Female first then Male

The word “Wheelhouse” comes to mind when putting Daniel and Janet on this nasty test. They both have and engine that won’t quit and seriously good pull-ups. They are shorter, lighter athletes which does not favor the row but they can stay competitive there. I like our chances on this one.

Being the first event, everyone is jacked-up. We just need that good start. These two are experienced competitors and have nerves of steel. Perfect pair to get our weekend started. We look to them to lead us to that podium with a great start.

They had practiced over and over, getting faster each time, but one major concern was out there, Daniel’s wrist. His range of motion in his right wrist won’t allow him to sustain an efficient rack position, even with the “light” 45lb bar. This had plagued him through practice but was much better do to the work of our (affectionately referred to) “witch doctor’s” at Airrosti. If you are suffering from overuse and mobility related pain, see these guys. It hurts, but it works. Will the wrist hold up?

3-2-1 Go! Janet begins her pull on the rower and as most rowing events go, it’s not much to watch. ACF is in the first heat due to our 26th place open finish and early on it is obvious the race is between Janet and Leah from CF Katy. They exit the rower about the same time to hit the thrusters. Janet begins and has a sweet pace, she is actively dropping under the bar, pulling it down into the squat and returning fast overhead. Cycling the reps 10….20…30 fatigue hits at 35 and the bar drops to the waist, only to rebound right back up to the rack and begin the methodical push to 50. She gets there at a break-neck pace. Her best Jackie time to date was 7:05 and she is on pace to set that PR (Personal Record)

On to the Pull-ups. A bit of chalk, to ease the breathing, and BAM! big sets of butterfly pull-ups. Leah was closing in, her pull-ups are strong and just as fast. It comes down to one last break on the bar, but that break was Leah’s and not Janet’s. Janet lunges to the finish mat at 6:59. Exhausted, spent and having just given her teammate an 12 second lead on the rower.

Daniel runs to the rower, straps in and begins his pull. Solid and more confident on the rower than ever, Daniel knows he has an excellent Jackie time. 6:06 is fast and can compete with anyone in any heat. He also has a lead. Stroke, Stroke, Stroke….1000m comes and he still has the lead.

He settles in on his thrusters all by himself, as no other team is off their rower yet. He begins the march to fifty. CF Katy’s athlete is stalking though; he arrives shortly after Daniel on the thruster station. He begins his thrusters like a mad man. The pace is so fast, it looks weird. Everyone is looking at each other waiting for him to slow down. We kept waiting and waiting for the fatigue to hit him. It never did. He is crushing the thrusters. Daniel is moving fast also, it looks like the wrist will hold up, but then at rep 39…it hits. The wrist begins to visibly bother him and his grip begins shifting on the bar to compensate. The discomfort slows him down; his rythm is off and the last 11 thrusters take what seems like an eternity. He’s got to be thinking, “Just get to the pull-up bar.”

He gets there, but CF Katy is hammering out butterfly Pull-ups and will not be denied. CF Katy finishes @12:55 for the lead. Daniel hits his usual big sets of pull-ups and dashes to the finish line @13:29 an individual time of 6:30 well off his best at 6:06 but considering the injury and the fact that CF Katy had the fastest time of the day. He’ll take it.

When it is all said and done after 2 more heats, including the highest ranked teams coming in to regionals, only 2 more teams beat ACF’s time. It’s a 4th place finish in an event where we anticipated a 4th-6th place. It was a success. Optimism is high because we know we have many muscle-ups and very heavy overhead squats coming in Event 2 and 3. This is going to be a good day.

To be continued…

38 Responses to “Bat Out of Hell”

  1. Amber Pearson

    Great time with the 5:30 class today – nice way to start the week!

    13:18 RX

    Thanks Grace for the tip on the push-ups!

  2. Sid aka ugh

    Ugh nauseous 12:33 rx good race jerry – Philip way to go sub 10 I think that’s the time to chase today! Carpe diem peeps!

  3. Famela Due Urcia

    Happy Birthday Carmen!

    I am def going to have the perfect push-ups now & he also gave us good tips on rope climbing! Great stuffs fr Carl Paoli!

  4. Lesley Griffith

    Happy Birthday Carmen!

    15:36 or 15:56?? (1/2 rope climb)

  5. Papa C

    Partner WOD Gary/ Joey

    800 m. Run
    Max dead lifts 175#. 21/ 155# 26
    800 m. Run
    Max slam ball 20#. 58/75
    800 m. Run
    Max pull ups 21/ 17
    Time: 21:04

  6. Gina

    19:3? (15 knee & then Grace made me go RX)

    I’m pretty sure that’s the most rope climbs I’ve ever done at a time. I think the WOD should be called ‘Climb out of hell’.

  7. lauraD

    17:33 Fist time doing rope climbs!
    Push Ups: I normally do them on my knees but am trying to transition to toes. Lots of good tips from Grace so endured all the reps, even though I usually didn’t even make it to parallel, let alone c2g, but I just concentrated on my core/ plank.
    Rope Climbs: I got about half way up on my 1st try during instructions but could not figure out how to get down w/o jumping. Finally figured it out during the wod and climbed a little higher each time… touched the top on my last rep! XD
    Box Jumps: Rx
    Thanks for all the cues, Grace! 🙂

  8. Sex Panther

    16:29 (Rx)

    Thanks for the tips on rope climbs G! Good job 8:30!

  9. just jerry

    12:39 (rx) good race indeed, sid. Nice jon 5:30. Happy birthday carmen!

  10. sonal

    12:25 rx

    Thanks for the rope cues Grace!!! did wonders 🙂

    Best part of the day Jack Rabbit surprised us at the box!!!!!!! 🙂

  11. Katie Ramos Swan


    So wonderful to be back and see all of the you AWESOME peeps!!!

    Happy Birthday Carmen!

  12. Katie Ramos Swan


    So wonderful to be back and see all of the you AWESOME peeps!!!

    Have a great Birthday Carmen!

  13. Beth 'Teach' Spearman

    Happy Birthday Carmen!

    I missed Jack Rabbit!!!!! You have to stop by in the evening one of these days 🙂

  14. andi

    15:43 RX

    As always…good times Nooners!

  15. Chief

    13:56 – 16″ step ups; regular push ups.

    Happy Birthday Carmen

    Welcome back Jack Rabbit! When is the C Note getting back in action?

    • G

      Hope your hand heels soon Iceman, no boat-outing for a while for you – LOL!

  16. G

    14:40 (Rx C2G) Slow but very deliberate on Push-ups and worked on body stability with external rotation on the lock out.
    Glad to see the cues are working on the rope climbs. Straightening the legs horizontally peeling the body far away from the rope as oppose to straightening the legs vertically gives the grip or isometric hold on the pull of the rope a break. Some of you see this with Ramrod’s rope climbs. watch out! Sexy Sonal is going to be an acrobat-in-the-making!
    JACK RABBIT!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!

  17. Paige H.

    15:33 (good PU!, 20″, scaled rope)

  18. Russell J

    17:09 (24″)
    Scaled to one rope climb after the first round, initially to alleviate crowding at the rope and let faster ones “play through,” and eventually because one was all I could do.

  19. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday, Carmen!

    15:21 (10 inches = 3 plates– but I jumped instead of stepping up or staring at the box so I’m good)

    I love rope climbs, & doing this way like the video seemed easier so I look forward to trying that again. I just have to let up with the death grip on the rope. 🙂

    Great job 5ers & 6ers! Awesome class Coach Sid, thanks!

    Fun time at the box tonight! So much going on!

  20. Iron E

    Happy Birthday Carmen!
    12:26 – 20″, scaled rope climb ( ground to upright position)

    • Iron E

      And thanks Sid for the rope climbing tips after class

  21. T-REX

    Trex cherry picked today and ran at Memorial. Came to the box to teach on-ramp- pretty huge class! Great effort for all 11 attendees!

  22. Eileen

    Happy Birthday, Carmen!

    14:58; guess i’m not doing push-ups exactly right…good tips this a.m. ground to standing rope pulls.

  23. Sid aka ugh

    Grat job 5 6 and 7. Welcome to everyone who graduated from on ramp and welcome back Darlene and Shelly!!!!

    Energy was awesome with on ramp, regular class and competitors practice and the music was jammin if I do say so myself. Impressed with times maki f me want to wod again. Alright bed time need to be rested to attack Tuesdays wod. Have a great week everyone!!!!

  24. schubert1979

    Half up the rope on rounds 1 and 2, 3x rope pulls for 3 and 4
    On knees for the push-ups on rounds 3 and 4
    24″ box

  25. Kyle D

    Made it through 3 (ugly) rope climbs, and finished rest scaled 3:1 with get ups.

  26. G

    Very late post for Monday 6/3:
    13:30something (Rx – C2G)