Impaled Impala

For Time:


  • Pull-ups
  • WallBall (30)(20)
  • MedBall Cleans (30)(20)

500m Row cash-out

Post time and scale in comments.

Reminder to those who signed up for the HotShots DU Workshop to please arrive between 9:30-9:55am.  The workshop will start promptly at 10:00am.  Class is already full.


There is no 730am Saturday class tomorrow, 12/21 and only the 830am class goes on as regularly scheduled.

The Young Guns classes are cancelled for the week of Christmas.

Please notice that for the holidays the 5:30am classes on TUE and THU are canceled.

Also, the attendance on the 7pm classes have dwindled down again to 3, 2 or 1 attendees.   So, there will no longer be any 7pm classes for now and they will be re-opened when the demand goes up again.  Thank you!

Motivation declare your fitness goals

It’s that time of the year again when the old year turns for the new year coming.  Welcome 2014 with a positive start!

Use Your Inner Coach to Set SMART Goals by Becca B Jenkins

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10 Responses to “Impaled Impala”

  1. Southpaw

    17:09 (blue, 10). Wall balls not so bad today. :). Row 2:18.

    Congratulations Smolder Soldiers!

    Great job 0530s! Wonderful class Coach Adam, thanks!

  2. SM

    16:50 RX 2:00 row

    My face was scared of the 20# wallball, but it survived. Great to have Adam back. Nice to meet Pete. Glad Jim is feeling better. Proud of Lesley for doing a good portion of her pull ups without a band.

    Congrats Smoulder Soldiers!!

  3. just jerry

    14:18 (rx) good race Garrett. Nice job 8:30. Fun times.

  4. Chrissy C

    Didn’t quite make it to the box this morning so I did this one in my garage:

    14:52 (subbed thrusters with a 15# bar for wall balls, BAPU, 6# ball for cleans )

    2:10 on the row

    Thanks to the Hobo dog and Tony Gatto I didn’t have to do the WOD alone!!

  5. Patrick Deiss

    10:27+2:03 ROW=12:30RX
    Josh and Phillip, the proper etiquet is to slow down and let the old man pass you. Now you know.

  6. Gina

    14:08 / 1:54
    Round 10-5, did 2-3 regular pull-ups, round 4-1 did all reg pull-ups (first time to do reg pu in a WOD!) Thanks to Lesley for pushing me to commit to doing them today. 🙂

    Great to have Adam back & to meet his brother, Pete.

  7. Russell J

    19:06 (green; 20# 10>-8, 14# 7>1). Got about 90m on the row before I hit the 20 min cut-off.

    That was all kinds of ugly. I had nothing in me. My only triumph was not succumbing to the temptation to just say “f&*k it” and quit … although it crossed my mind several times.