EMOTM 12 minutes
3 Front Squats (225)(155) from rack

EMOTM 6 minutes
9 Pull-ups

EMOTM 4 minutes
11 Wallball (20)(14) 10′ target

EMOTM 2 minutes
4 Cleans (225)(155)Post number of misses and scale for all 4 events in comments.

No ACF Kids  classes today, Friday. Please check out our HOLIDAY SCHEDULE

On Saturday, December 28th, ACF will be hosting a Memorial/Benefit WOD for to help out Coach Adam’s brother and the family he left behind.  Sonny was a military veteran and crossfitter.  Classes will be 7:30am and 8:30am on Saturday.

Atomic CF Team 1 (Beth, Billy, Daniel & Jamie) cranked out 70 Bar Muscle-Ups on one of the Amrap events at the All Cities Open 2013.

Lauren A relocating to SA for Nursing School Dec 2013
Lauren’s last day is today. She is going to Nursing School in San Antonio. Best of luck to you Lauren! We will see you when you come home for school break! (photo credit:  Freddy Hinojosa photography)

13 Responses to “Half-sies”

  1. Southpaw

    0 misses (65, band, 10, PC 65).

    Nice to meet Dave. Good work! Nice job 0530s– just me & the guys today. Awesome class Coach Adam, thanks!

    Congrats on making a great career choice Lauren, & good luck in school!

  2. MikeB

    4 misses (225/20/185)

    Missed the last 3 on the front squats tweaked my back a little. Hands ripped on the last round of pull-ups, and then missed the first round on the cleans.

  3. Sirun Guan

    0 misses (100#, #10WB). Thanks Stephanie to keep my ego in check by not allowing me to clean the front squats!

  4. andi

    115# FS, 95# Cleans (0 misses)

    Sure gonna miss my noon buddy Lauren! Good luck & stay in touch!!

  5. Dirty D

    recovering today to fight off some seasonal viral ick!
    Lauren I will miss your vibe–do good, do well and stay in touch!