Pigskin Hangover

EMOTM 10 Minutes (Ladder Down)

  • Thrusters (115)(75)
  • Situps

Rest 2 Minutes

EMOTM 10 Minutes (Ladder-up)

  • Front Squats (115)(75)
  • Push-ups

Annotate weights and misses in comments.

ACF gearspotting XLVIII Superbowl Donnie Doughty
Thanks to Donnie Doughty, the ACF wristband made it to the XLVIII Superbowl!
Cliff J
Happy Birthday Cliff J!

23 Responses to “Pigskin Hangover”

  1. Jim Kelly

    0 Misses 75/95 – working back into the grind…I’ve missed this.

    Make sure your rack position is good enough to handle the heavier weights. if you “droop” on your thruster and front squat, go lighter on the weight to reduce risk of wrist injury. This is a lot of reps with the bar in the rack position. Make sure it is correct.

  2. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday, Cliff!

    0 misses 35/45.

    Great job 0530s! Awesome class Coach Adam, thanks!

  3. SM

    65 : 0 misses

    Was happy to have the scaled weight. Thanks Jim for the warning. Stayed at the same weight in anticipation of the push ups. Happy I was able to do them normal and get through them all each minute.

  4. just jerry

    0 (95), 0 (rx) fun wod. Good job 8:30.

    Happy birthday, Cliff.

  5. Silverback

    HBD Cliff.

    0 misses Rx. The front Squats were OK, but those thrusters were no joke, nor were they fun to do.

  6. Gina

    0 misses (65#, neg pu)
    Probably should have increased weight for front squats, but wanted to concentrate on push-ups. Got some without the ‘snake’ effect, but it’s not there 100%.

    Great way to start the week!

  7. Paige H.

    Great to join the nooners! 0 misses (55#, kept the weight for FS to complete good form push-ups)

  8. Chief

    SIBAR* 35/35

    Scott, you were handling the thrusters without any problem. But filling the remaining time between minutes with double under battle ropes and doing continuous burpees on the two minute break is what was wearing you down.

    * Scaled It Beyond All Recogition

    Happy Birthday Cliff

  9. The Professor

    HBD Cliff!


    Thanks for stretching help, Freddy.

  10. Chrissy C

    HBD Cliff!

    35#/45# no misses.
    Didn’t wake up in time to make it in the morning so I did this in my Garage after work, with the Chief keeping me in line.

    Used Southpaws weight as my guide.

    The push ups got into my head a bit before the WOD, but it turned out good. 🙂

  11. Disco :D

    Good Times nooners!!!!!
    HBD cliff!!
    0 miss (55#, 75#, kpu)

  12. G

    0 miss (Rx – C2G)
    Per Doc’s request since I challenged him to do RX under my class as he managed to have no misses and proceeded to challenge me with performing the WOD as prescribed also :)) Thank you Doc!

  13. David E

    85# no misses (but needed an extra 15 sec to finish the 10 push-ups)

  14. txphilologist

    25 misses (40) felt weak, nervous, & ready to puke for the first part. Mondays need to get better for me. Hope I counted my misses correctly.