Modern Industrial Complex

EMOTM 12 Minutes

2 Reps of the following barbell complex (145)(100)

Deadlift —>return to the ground
Power Clean —>return to the hang
Hang Power Clean —> stay at the front rack
Push Press\Jerk —>stay in the front rack
Front Squat

Annotate load and misses in comments. If you drop before completing a rep, start that rep over.


Katie D Austin Half Marathon
Congrats to Katie D aka KD Fox on her participation at the Austin Half Marathon this past weekend!
will Cole Back Squat
Happy Birthday Will C!

27 Responses to “Modern Industrial Complex”

  1. SM

    85# 0 Misses

    Fourth day on, decided to deload. Was very happy I did. Got each round done in about 20-25 secs. Lesley was flying with the RX weight!

  2. just jerry

    Got through the 1st 5 sets rx. Left wrist was tight and hurting in the front rack position. Took off the next three rounds to stretch it out. Last 4 rounds did one complex. Felt a lil better. Good job 8:30. Post wod mile run with jackrabbit and sonal. 🙂

  3. Katie Swan

    Way to go Katie!

    Happy Birthday Will!

    Thanks for the run Jerry and Sonal!

  4. Dirty D

    Were I as sharp as the Professor I might have added some weight
    (by doing one rep q 30″)
    HBD Will C !
    0miss @75#

  5. Jessica Arias Brown

    RX/0 misses
    Thank you bunches for the motivation to do Rx Grace!!!

  6. Chief

    Scaled to 1 round a minute using #45, no misses

    Congrats Katie! HBD Will!!

  7. Gina

    75# / 0 misses
    knee pain all weekend, so went lighter b/c of front squats.

  8. Gina

    HUGE class at 5:30am! Loved the energy!

    Welcome to the newbies. .. Roger and Crystal (sp?)

  9. Southpaw

    No misses, 60#. Focused on my knees & fighting with them tonight since they kept trying to collapse in. Working on it.

    I’ll miss my 0530 crew this week 🙁 but I sure liked being with the 6 pmers tonight. Great job! Awesome class Coach Billy, thanks!

  10. OG

    *0 misses/125#

    *no fs.

    Did FS program prior to workout. What a grip taxing workout! Nice job 6:00. Was nice to see some old faces 🙂

  11. Kyle D

    95# No misses
    It turned out to be too light, but it was still a great workout. Look forward to the rematch….

  12. lauraD

    shoulder friendly complex:
    65# DL (barbell)
    sqt clean w/ two 20# DB
    squat w/ DB
    back lunge each leg w/ DB
    0 misses