For time:

  • Pistols ea. leg(Alt legs) 10 ea leg/9ea leg
  • Ring Dips
  • Thrusters (95/65)

Post time and scale in comments.

Beth pistols by L Frederick Hinojosa

Photo shoot by photographer L Frederick Hinojosa for CrossFit South Central Regional competitor Beth Spearman of Atomic CrossFit.   She will be competing in San Antonio for the South Central Regional on May 23-25.   Please join us to cheer her on!  Let’s get a big group of Atomic CrossFitters there again like we do each year!  [More info]

Go Beth!!!

Photo Credit:  L Frederick Hinojosa

10 Responses to “Michelangelo”

  1. Jackrabbit

    Beautiful picture Beth!! Best of luck!


    lots of ring dips this week…arms are toast! Great job 830!

  2. just jerry

    18:15 (box pistols) fun times at 8:30.

    Good luck Beth!

  3. MikeB

    20:27 (bard)

    Good work 8:30 and 9:30 peeps!

    Beth, your mission is to go kill it next weekend! You’ve prepped for this for a while now and you know that you’ve got the support of the entire box. Ryan’s got the home stuff. Go out there and do what you do and it’ll all fall in place!

  4. Chief

    19:09 scaled 8 to 1 — box pistols; BARD; #35.

    Good luck Beth

  5. Chrissy C

    19:54 (scaled pistols/BARD/50#)

    Good Luck Beth!!!

  6. Famela Due Urcia

    23:? RX
    110 reps of pistol to b exact. Math courtesy of Will. RD never gets any easier.

    Fun times with 830!

    Good luck Beth!

  7. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    14:56 (10 box/45 pole(1/2 reps accidentally on pistols))

  8. T-REX

    23:01(bard). Suffered all weekend from this Wod! Bah!