Calico Cat

200m Run
20m Prowler Push x2
200m Run

Push Jerk

(10 min cap) SPRINT
Wallball (20/14) – 10′ target

ACF Barbell CnJ Clinic nov 2 2014
The Beginner’s Oly Clinic’s focus was on Clean & Jerk this weekend! Thanks for participating and we hope that you all learned a lot more about the movements and more about your body awareness in relation to the barbell !
Kody Bday pic 2014
Happy Birthday Kody!
Arpan DL
Happy Birthday Arpan!

18 Responses to “Calico Cat”

  1. Chief

    95 – 100 – 105 – 110 – 115(M) – 95

    6:31 scaled the rounds to 7-1 (06)

    Happy Birthday Kody and Arpan!

  2. sonal

    6:23 rx

    What a fun Monday wod!!

    Hbd Kody and Arpan.

  3. Beth 'Teach' Spearman

    5:19 (rx)

    Great sharing the platform with Freddy this morning! Also great to see the MWF morning folks 🙂

    Nice class Coach Adam!!!

  4. lauraD

    6 days in Mexico = 2 weeks off of crossfit :/
    First day back… woohoo! and ouch!
    Got as high as 85# on the jerk which felt easy, but then I just couldn’t get 90 up!
    8:46 10#

    And a big shout out to TMac who knocked out a couple strict HSPU’s without an abmat… hell yeah!

    • tmac

      Thanks for the shout out but they were kipped HSPU’S , still milestone but I still have lots of work to do.

  5. Kyle D

    7:26 Rx
    Nice Monday WOD. Thanks for the extra attention today Coach Adam. Helped a ton!
    HBD Kody and Arpan. Kody, you’re a beast with the weights!

  6. OG



    Got a feel for it after the 3rd round. 200+ is possible. Good sharing the bar w/ shonuff!

  7. Nisha

    9:50 RX

    Felt good on the PJs…getting a little confidence back 🙂