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400m Run
15 Cleans (135/95)
600m Run
30 Cleans
400m Run
15 Cleans

Post time and scale in comments.

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South Central Regional Redemption

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Below are paragraphs extracted from a recent article published by the CrossFit Journal that makes a lot of sense.  We have been around as a CrossFit affiliate since early 2008 and the coaches who shared their words in the (journal linked below) have been around longer than us.  We all come back to the same conclusion that it all goes back to basics, learning, relearning and mastering the basics – fine tuning the fundamental movements and then repeat again.

Tinkering Trainers by Andrea Maria Cecil – Read more from the CrossFit Journal March 2015

“Lessons Learned
For three years, Ben Bergeron programmed wrong.  From late 2010 through early 2013, the CrossFit New England owner planned workouts with a strength bias.  “I kind of fell into the same mental trap as other affiliate owners do. … ‘My athletes are having a hard time doing the workouts as prescribed, so let’s get them stronger,’” he explained.
At that time, the Massachusetts affiliate would switch up the programming every two months. Sometimes it would focus on running, other times on handstand push-ups. At one point, the spotlight was on metabolic-conditioning workouts, which sit just above nutrition in Glassman’s pyramid.
During the conditioning period, athletes began to see their lifts increase more so than when they exclusively focused on strength, Bergeron noted. Since then, CrossFit New England’s programming makes met-cons the star of the show.
“These workouts do get people stronger if they just focuson that,” Bergeron said. He jokingly added, “I guess that Greg Glassman guy knew what he was talking about.”

Motivation practice with purpose Travis County Strength

9 Responses to “Pop Culture Icon”

  1. Southpaw

    19:02 (75) If only I had some endurance I could have done it faster. Oh well, I’m working on it.

    Delighted to be in class 2 days in a row, & I loved this WOD!

    Great work 0530s! Awesome class Coach Adam, thanks!

  2. sonal

    13:05 Rx

    Thanks Coach Beth!!! Awesome 8:30 group

  3. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    18:21 Rx

    18:21 Rx

    I’ve been dragging up the rear these days, building my way back slowly, while trying to heal some injuries and avoid new or reoccurring injuries. I’ve been crossFitting for 8 1/2 years now. Wisdom or something tells me that technique and more importantly mobility and flexibility will be a key for me in the next 8 years of crossfitting… or really for the long haul into my 50s and beyond. My ego has finally yielded to a more mature approach… that values staying healthy more that winning.

    I would like to do both at some point, again, I think that could come with prioritizing flexibility and technique over everything else… the intensity thing seems to always be there for me.. even though I’m bringing up the rear I’m still gasping quite a bit post wod, which tells me I put a lot out there.