Coach’s Perspective Part II

Beth 2015 South Regional Tommy V
Photo Credit: LFH Photography

Coach’s Perspective Part II – 2015 South Regional Individual Athlete, Beth Spearman
By: Jim Kelly
Event 2: Tommy V 21 Thrusters(115)(75) 12 Rope Climbs, 15 Thrusters 9 Rope Climbs, 9 Thrusters 6 Rope Climbs
Photo by ACF’s Freddy Hinojosa

Climbing a rope can turn into a wrestling match with gravity. Climbing a rope twenty seven times can make one question the laws of physics….

Beth has been practicing rope climbs and has become fairly efficient. She can do it with or without feet and manages it very well. Unfortunately, she has never climbed this MUCH. We begin our training by tackling the round of 21 and 12. She posts a decent time, but we know it’s too slow. The objective here is to build cycling the rope climbs faster, not necessarily set our time to beat. We come back another day to perform the round of 15 and 9. This goes better and her confidence is building, but her technique is still developing into something more consistent. Beth works during the day with Alex, Erik and Solo regularly. They push her on workouts and coach her up with ideas and feedback to become more efficient. This time with friends helps her keep things fun, and she always tells me how important these guys are to her training. They give her good advice on high legs and she refines her climbs to two pulls. Excellent teamwork from the competition crew!

Our final test run is the full workout, and she is sets a time of 14:25. We know this needs to improve, but we are also aware of the competition day push that should yield some improvement as it did during last year’s rope climb event.

Game Day

Adam has worked on her forearms after the intensely “grippy” Randy earlier today. Beth is ready and on the “Beep” she is aggressive and hammers out all 21 Thrusters unbroken. She then moves to the rope and begins the march to 12 climbs. We have discussed holding a three climb per minute pace, but she finds another gear and holds a four climb per minute pace. She is done with 21 an 12 in under five minutes. Excellent game day intensity, and it shows because she has to break up her thrusters in the round of 15 and 9. When she drops the bar, I know she is climbing fast. The residual effect of the fast climbs have caused her to pause in the set of thrusters, and that usually doesn’t happen. She picks up the bar and finishes the set. Then back to the climbs. Now it’s a grind. Guts and determination push her through the set. She is still holding an excellent pace and that confidence that her body will move is showing through. The set of 9 and 6 is a blur and she finishes in 12:11. A PR by over 2 minutes.

I’m really happy watching her turn-in these spectacular performances today. I look at the scoreboard and witness just how strong this field is…21st place on this workout…WOW! In the Atlantic it would have been 12th place….

Time to move on, but it was a completely successful first day and tomorrow holds a major unknown; the True Form Runner. An evil device that can throw a wrench into any game plan.

It threw the wrench hard.

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