Clean and Jerk


AMRAP 6 Minutes
5 Tuck Jumps
5 Pull-ups

Post loads on C&J and number of rounds + reps (scale) of AMRAP in comments.

Happy Birthday Jamie C!

Happy Birthday Coach Jamie aka Junior!
Happy Birthday Laura D!
Happy Birthday Teresa S (left) with The Dave Castro and her daughter at the South Regional this year!
Happy Birthday Analilia !

12 Responses to “Plyo-Playdate”

  1. Iron E

    Happy birthday Jamie, Laura, Teresa, Analilia

    135-145-155-165-175 PR
    13 + 5@RR

  2. SM

    7+5 RX

    Got the clean on the 145 not the jerk. My cleans felt rusty today. :/

    Per Adam, did butterfly pull ups for the AMRAP.

  3. sonal

    135,140,145,150,155 (pr’ed Jerk)
    10+7 rx

    HBD all .

    Fun times with the nooners

  4. carahinojosa

    Happy Birthday, everyone!

    Last week of scaling! Yeehaw!
    10+4 rx

  5. txphilologist

    9+5 (rr)

    Great class, Coach Beth!! Thanks!! Caleb gifted me with such a beautiful and genuine smile!!

  6. Chalkman

    175-185-195-205-225 (pr)

    9 rds (air squats and strict PU’s)

  7. Chief


    5rds – scaled – hung from a bar to do the tuck jumps, more like knee ups.

    Happy Birthday to Jamiie; Laura; Teresa; Analilia

  8. Lesley Griffith

    Happy Birthday everyone!!
    Was able to clean the last two attempts but failed the jerk
    8+5 RX

  9. T-REX

    125-135-145-150-155*. Had to leave before metcon. Thx George! HBD Ladies!

  10. Eileen

    Happy Birthday, Jamie, Laura, Teresa & Analilia!
    Missed this morning…home WOD
    1 mile run
    50 OH air squats
    40 sit-ups
    30 push-ups