Simulation Nation

Squat therapy

Back Squat AMRAP 6min@ 90% of 1RM


Metcon – AMRAP 12minutes
200m Run
5 Box Jump Burpees (24″/20″)

Post number of reps/scale on both AMRAPs in comments.

Check out this article, The Best Kept Secret: Why People Have To Squat Differently

“Athlete’s won’t squat the same, and they SHOULDN’T! I hope I shed some light on the WHY. Athlete comfort will dictate the stance that puts their hip in a better bony position. There are narrow squatters and there are wide squatters. That may have nothing to do with tight muscles or “tight” joint capsules and have more to do with bony hip anatomy.

Very few people are at the end range of their hip motion, so hip mobility drills are definitely a good idea.

People will express their hip mobility in different planes, and that is not a bad thing.”

4 Responses to “Simulation Nation”

  1. sonal

    13 @ 205

    5+run and 3 burpboxjumps

    Thanks Beth for letting me be tardy!!! ?

    And we got Coach Jim at 8:30!!!!

  2. just jerry

    12@225/ 3 rds. Not a lot energy today. Been sick but wanted to come sweat it out.