Weapons Grade

5 Rounds for time:

7 Squat Cleans (135/95)
7 Bar hop Burpees

Post time and scale in comments.

Happy Birthday Krystal Gage! Photo Credit: L Frederick Hinojosa Photography
Congrats to Chris and Rebecca! Hadley Kate Miller arrived this past weekend!

13 Responses to “Weapons Grade”

  1. Allison 'Alli' Miller

    21:45 (#45/box push ups) Thanks Erik & 5:30 crew for the push

  2. SM

    18:45 RX

    HSPU are still slow for me in a wod. Def something to work on. Good job 6:30!

  3. Jim Kelly

    16:42ish… (95)(1abmat 3HSPU\4 C2G) Working my way back….look away…it won’t be pretty. Not that it ever was.

  4. just jerry

    14:38 (115, 1 abmat) scaling a bit while recovering.

  5. Chief

    9:10 scaled to 2/3/5 @rd. FS #25; DBOH #10. reg burpees

    Happy birthday Krystal
    Congratulations to Chris and Rebecca

    • carahinojosa

      My first thought when I read the wod: This is in Leah’s wheelhouse. Obviously I was right, speedy!

  6. Kyle D

    19:39 Rx
    Wow…that was much tougher than I read it to be.
    Nice to finally meet Fam today.
    Happy birthday Krystal! Congrats Millers!

  7. Southpaw

    Happy birthday Krystal! Congrats to the parents of the beautiful baby!

    14:46 (55, box pike knees). It feels so good to be at the box again!

    What a surprise to see this many posts here! I love it!

    Great job 4pmers! Thanks Coach Grace!