Hey Beh Beh

Buy in: 35 box jump overs
4 rounds
12 t2b
12 cleans (135/95)
12 s2oh (135/95)
12 pull ups
Cash out:
19 Burpees
81 DUs

Post time and scale in comments.

5 Responses to “Hey Beh Beh”

  1. Southpaw

    31:20 (18 step up, knees up, 55#, 3 pullups/round = 12, singles). Nailed the burpees!

    My brain is very active in the morning, but my body not so much. My body is active in the afternoon, but my brain not so much. Right now I’m going backwards. I’m not feeling very effective at all mentally or physically right now, but it’s only been 2 days so I’ll try it again later.

    Good to see the 0530 crew again. Happy Birthday Beh!