Mind Games

3 sets not for time
10 T2B
16 alt pistols
2 rope climbs

600m run
15/10 strict pullups
15 KB swings

Post number of rounds + reps and weight used on KB Swings completed in AMRAP under comments.

7 Responses to “Mind Games”

  1. kakreul

    Does the “15/10” on strict pull ups mean 15 for males and 10 for females? Or what does it mean? Also for 16 alt pistols is it 16 per leg or 8 per leg? Sorry…new to crossfit!

    • NoPantsNance

      You’re right.. 15 for males and 10 for women.
      8 on each leg for the pistols

  2. txphilologist

    It’s great to be back in my home box after visiting with CF Flushing for a week.

    2+run, bapu, 12 kbs (200m run, bapu, 35#)

  3. wess1229

    3 rounds with 45lb. Confession time…strict pull-up didn’t last but the first 10 pull-ups lol

  4. NoPantsNance

    1+600m+8 (1 strict, rest was negative pull-ups)