Pick Pocket

5 sets of:
Deadlift x 4 (open hands at bottom)
Rest 20 sec
3 reverse wall climbs
Rest 2-3 min

5 rounds for time:
15 KB swings (53/40)
30 double unders
(10 min cap)

Why are we opening the hands at the bottom of our sets today (resetting)?

  1. Much of the work in a deadlift is done isometrically (holding a static body position), to hold the body in position to transfer force to the bar so that it moves upward. This energy expended in resetting the spine into extension  and holding for the first part of the pull is some hard ass work! When we do a set of deadlifts where the first rep is a deadlift and then we bounce the next 3 reps, it’s essentially becoming something close to 1 deadlift + 3 RDLs and the same training effect is not achieved.  There won’t be the same amount of strength  training to hold the lumbar position for heavy weights because you are relying on plate rebound to assist you.
  2. Positional problems are hard to correct  during the set. Yes, I’m talking to you back rounders! Once your back rounds during  set of touch and go deadlifts, it’s hard to change that and often gets worse at the set goes on…and we wonder why our low back gets so sore after deadlift day! By resetting your hands and body position after each rep, you give yourself the chance to have some positional awareness and correct before continuing.


Rippetoe, Mark. Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training. 3rd ed., Aasgaard Company, 2013

Here’s Rip explaining the set up for the deadlift. Have fun today and lift heavy!!

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    6:10 Rx
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