Temporary Schedule Change

Our Mobility/yoga class on Thursday 6:45pm, August 24th, is rescheduled to Saturday 10am, August 26th after the free community workout at 8:30am on August 26th (last Saturday of the month). If you don’t have regular unlimited nor Red unlimited, there is a $15 drop-in fee for the mobility/yoga class and space is limited.  

CF Games Throwback

For time: 1000m row -Then- 4 rds of: 15 pull ups 7 S2OH (135/95) *This is a modified version of the first event at the 2007 Crossfit Games in Aromas.

Game Day!

Spend 15 minutes working on 2-3 gymnastics skills Time trial: 2 mile run Spend the rest of the class foam rolling and stretching out problem areas.

The Price

With a partner 400m partner rope run ———— 100 Jumping lunges 50 Burpees over partner (partner holds plank, must hop over them) 100 DB power cleans (50/35) 50 T2B (Single DB overhead hold) 100 heavy rope rope jumps 50 cal row ((partner holds DBs in front rack) ————— 5-4-3-2-1 (I do 5, you do 5, […]

El Primo

6 sets of: Power clean + Jerk x 2 Rest 2-3 min between sets Start at 70% and add weight as needed EMOM 15: Min 1: 15 KB swings (53/40) Min 2: 15 box jump-overs (24/20) Min 3: 12/9 ring dips

Electric Slide

5 sets of: Snatch x 3 (reset after each lift) Rest 2-3 min 21-15-9 Power clean (135/95) HSPU Video c/o Hook Grip —> more details