Ridin’ the Pine

4 sets: Back squat x4 Rest 90 sec Weighted chin ups x 5 Rest 90 sec Bear Complex: Perform 3 sets of 5 reps of the following complex: (5 consecutive reps hands do not leave the bar and the bar doesn’t rest on the ground) Power clean Front squat S2OH Back squat S2OH Goal is […]


3 sets For max reps: 1 minute max wall balls (20/14) 1 minute max box jumps (24/20) 1 minute max KB swings (53/40) 1 minute max cal row 1 minute max push press (95/65) 1 minute rest Atomic CrossFit Hammer & Chisel 2017 If you are an avid CrossFitter, we’re pretty sure that this will […]


Spend 15 minutes working on snatch technique (stay light) 3 rounds for time: 400m run 15 OHS (115/85) Video:  Aleksey Torokhtiy

Pass Interference

E2M 16: Back squat x 2 (heavy) Amrap 6: 3 squat cleans (135/95) 6 pull-ups 12 KB swings (70/53) Check out this article below pulled from The Best Kept Secret: Why People Have To Squat Differently Credit to https://themovementfix.com “Athlete’s won’t squat the same, and they SHOULDN’T! I hope I shed some light on the WHY. […]


4 sets: Push press x 3 Rest 90 sec L-sit hold 20-30 sec Rest 2 min For time: 21-15-9 HSPU Ring dips Push press (115/85) CF Gymnastics 2 day seminar will be held here at Atomic CrossFit on November 18 & 19.  Sign up here,  CrossFit Gymnastics Registration Photo c/o Coach Panda  


Deadlift 5-3-1-3-2-1 Rest 3 min Emom 10: 3 Deadlifts 6 bar hop burpees Use 85% of today’s heaviest single Congrats to Coach Panda’s 1st place win!

Team WOD #1,000,001 part deux

Teams of 2-3, For time complete: 60 KB Swings (two can work if teams of 3) 800m (together) —————— (one person working at a time) 6 Rope Climbs 60 GHD Sit-ups or MedBall Sit-ups (20/14) 60 Toes-2-Bar 60 GHD Sit-ups or MedBall Sit-ups (20/14) 6 Rope Climbs —————— 800m Run (together) 60 Thrusters (95)(65) (two […]

Movin the Weight

5-3-1-3-3 Backsquat E2M for 20 min: 2 full squat cleans Start around 65% on the cleans and add weight for each of the 10 sets. JT Torres performing front squats. Reminder that that this month our campaign’s beneficiary is Sugar Land Petopia Atomic Bend Don’t Break October Campaign Video:  L Frederick Hinojosa Photography