Memorial Day Schedule

The Hero WOD Murph was first posted by in 2005 (8/18/05). We have adopted it as our annual Memorial Day Murph. On Monday, May 29, we will have the following classes only:
6:30am, 7:30am & 8:30am

Please help us support any of the charities below:

Memorial Day Murph
Lone Survivor Foundation
Navy Seal Foundation

Also the Saturday prior to this day, May 27, is our Bring A Friend Free Community Saturday WOD. Sign up on MindBody is FREE for that Saturday. Please reserve online and ask your friend to register online as well. Thank you!

Coaching Team Addition

Please join us in welcoming Ashley Grubbs who is now officially part of our team of coaches at Atomic CrossFit. Always looking out to provide our members with excellence in service and experience! We are lucky to have her with her extensive background in gymnastics and soft tissue rehab treatments!  We are lucky to have her with her extensive background in gymnastics and soft tissue rehab treatments!

Ashley grew up in Houston, Texas and graduated college from University of Houston with a Bachelors in Kinesiology. She grew up swimming and doing some competitive gymnastics. Once she decided to stop competing in gymnastics, her love for the sport drew her to coaching. Ashley coached gymnastics for 13 years before working at Airrosti Rehab Centers for 5 years. In 2017, she made the difficult but exciting decision to leave Airrosti in order to focus on her professional organizing business full time. She loves CrossFit, gymnastics, and coaching so she is very excited to be a part of Atomic CrossFit!

She will officially start by covering for Jamie’s and Beth’s Friday 8:30am and Noon classes on May 19th.  She will coach regularly at noon on Mondays and Thursdays.  Please join us in welcoming her!

Photo by:  L Frederick Hinojosa Photography

It’s that time again! A friendly reminder to everyone!

Clean up

Atomic CrossFit is experiencing another growth spurt and along with that comes the increased traffic, activities and the sizes of classes in our facility.  Please be reminded that we all need to pitch in on keeping our fitness sanctuary clean, sanitary and safe.

  • put the equipment you used back where they belong (bumpers, pullup bands, dumbbells, barbells, KBs, plyo boxes, Abmat, foam rollers, chalk buckets, jump ropes, rowers, etc). Our janitorial service can clean/mop the floors better if everything is put away.  Please do not leave boxes under the pull up bar!
  • please wipe the equipment you used with Lysol wipes provided and be sure to clean up after your pool of sweat and blood (foam rollers, rowers and pull-up bars, wallballs, ghd, etc)  ** do not spit on the black mats **
  • throw away your water bottles and take your shaker bottles home (anything left will be disposed)
  • food and food packages must be thrown in trash receptacles (includes cleaning up after your children).
  • empty protein/supplement canisters must be thrown in trash receptacles
  • used paper towels, used tape (used to wrap your hand/fingers/wrists/ankles), tissues and hangers must be thrown in trash receptacle
  • please help maintain cleanliness and organization of the TV room if your kids are using the room and clean up after their activities even if when you leave there are still kids around.  Also clean up/pick up after their activities in the workout areas
  • last out must turn the lights out, speaker off and make sure the premise is locked up
  • please don’t leave your valuables out
  • unclaimed clothing and water bottles after 1 week will be donated or disposed (no questions asked)

**** Thank you ****

Members Login

For registration and scheduling click the “Members Login” button in the top right. This will take you to the MindBody website that handles the payment processing and scheduling. This is also where our online store is.

I Am Groot?

2017 Regional Individual Event 3
100ft DB OH walking lunge (70/50)
100 DU
50 Wallball (20/14)
10 rope climbs
50 wallball (20/14)
100 DU
100ft DB OH walking lunge (70/50)

Time cap: 20 min

Cash Out
2 sets
30m DB Pinch walk – make it challenging to work on your grip strength!

1 set
200m sandbag carry (bear hug)…..walk, no running. Goal is some time under tension!

The CrossFit Games Regionals are streaming all weekend long from the Central Regional, California Regional and Pacific Regional! Go to to tune in.