Atomic CrossFit Hammer & Chisel 2017 Registration

Registration starts today 12:00am PST

Compete at a grassroots tradition hosted by one of Houston’s original CrossFit boxes! Same gender partner fitness competition with RX, Scaled and Masters 40+ Divisions. The RX Division is NOT PRO but participants must be able to complete as prescribed the following CrossFit.Com Benchmark workouts: Isabel, Elizabeth, Diane and Fran. Cash prizes to RX podium and all first finishers.

Hoodies and Baseball Tees Pre-Order

Pre-order your Atomic CF pullover hoodies, zip up hoodies and baseball tees now. We will turn in a group order to Trendsetter soon!

Launching our Bend Don’t Break Program

Saturday Morning WOD

Lets make this Saturday a great WOD with great turnout. We will be kicking off our Bend Don’t Break charity campaign.

Please bring a clear ziplock bag filled with items that will be donated directly to our charity partner the Star of Hope. I will be collecting these prior to the work out and after.

Visit our dedicated page below for more information and watch our monthly video to hopefully inspire you to fill your care pack.

Photo c/o Star of Hope

It’s that time again! A friendly reminder to everyone!

Clean up

Please be reminded that we all need to pitch in on keeping our fitness sanctuary clean, sanitary and safe.

  • put the equipment you used back where they belong (bumpers, pullup bands, dumbbells, barbells, KBs, plyo boxes, Abmat, foam rollers, chalk buckets, jump ropes, rowers, etc). Our janitorial service can clean/mop the floors better if everything is put away.  Please do not leave boxes under the pull up bar!
  • please wipe the equipment you used with Lysol wipes provided and be sure to clean up after your pool of sweat and blood (foam rollers, rowers and pull-up bars, wallballs, ghd, etc)  ** do not spit on the black mats **
  • throw away your water bottles and take your shaker bottles home (anything left will be disposed)
  • food and food packages must be thrown in trash receptacles (includes cleaning up after your children).
  • empty protein/supplement canisters must be thrown in trash receptacles
  • used paper towels, used tape (used to wrap your hand/fingers/wrists/ankles), tissues and hangers must be thrown in trash receptacle
  • please help maintain cleanliness and organization of the TV room if your kids are using the room and clean up after their activities even if when you leave there are still kids around.  Also clean up/pick up after their activities in the workout areas
  • last out must turn the lights out, speaker off and make sure the premise is locked up
  • please don’t leave your valuables out
  • unclaimed clothing and water bottles after 1 week will be donated or disposed (no questions asked)

**** Thank you ****

Members Login

For registration and scheduling click the “Members Login” button in the top right. This will take you to the MindBody website that handles the payment processing and scheduling. This is also where our online store is.

Stop N Go

3 rounds for time:
3 rope climbs
9 Front squats (165/115)

Flashback Friday to just a week ago to this grand reunion of the 8:30am crew!!

Photo c/o Sonal Patel

Black Out

Bench press

Amrap 12:
36 double unders
18 Kb swings (53/40)
9 T2B

We are super proud to all who competed and represented our box well at Bring The Heat!  Congrats to Teach and her partner, Camz (CF Central Houston) for winning 1st place!

Also, thanks to those who showed up to cheer them on! We love the big turnout from Atomic CF!

Photo c/o: Linda Baker

Photo c/o:  Lynn Hinshaw

Body Block

3 rounds for time:

400m run
10 power clean (body weight)
10 S2OH (body weight)


This past Saturday the 8:30am crew rocked the Teams of 3-4 Workout! Welcome to our first time drop-ins, Desiree Thomas, Donovan Thomas and Jonathan Davis!