It’s that time again! A friendly reminder to everyone!

Clean up

Please be reminded that we all need to pitch in on keeping our fitness sanctuary clean, sanitary and safe.

  • put the equipment you used back where they belong (bumpers, pullup bands, dumbbells, barbells, KBs, plyo boxes, Abmat, foam rollers, chalk buckets, jump ropes, rowers, etc). Our janitorial service can clean/mop the floors better if everything is put away.  Please do not leave boxes under the pull up bar!
  • please wipe the equipment you used with Lysol wipes provided and be sure to clean up after your pool of sweat and blood (foam rollers, rowers and pull-up bars, wallballs, ghd, etc)  ** do not spit on the black mats **
  • throw away your water bottles and take your shaker bottles home (anything left will be disposed)
  • food and food packages must be thrown in trash receptacles (includes cleaning up after your children).
  • empty protein/supplement canisters must be thrown in trash receptacles
  • used paper towels, used tape (used to wrap your hand/fingers/wrists/ankles), tissues and hangers must be thrown in trash receptacle
  • please help maintain cleanliness and organization of the TV room if your kids are using the room and clean up after their activities even if when you leave there are still kids around.  Also clean up/pick up after their activities in the workout areas
  • last out must turn the lights out, speaker off and make sure the premise is locked up
  • please don’t leave your valuables out
  • unclaimed clothing and water bottles after 1 week will be donated or disposed (no questions asked)

**** Thank you ****

Members Login

For registration and scheduling click the “Members Login” button in the top right. This will take you to the MindBody website that handles the payment processing and scheduling. This is also where our online store is.

Wintery Weather Announcement

Update for Wednesday, Jan 17th! All morning classes and the noon class are cancelled! If the road conditions improve, we plan on being open at 4:30pm and 5:30pm. Stay warm friends!

Wintery Freezing Rain

Pardon us as we announce that the gym is closed tomorrow, Tuesday, January 16th. We definitely don’t want to make our coaches feel unsafe driving to the gym as well as possibly endangering our members being open just trying to get a workout in that can wait another day. The forecast says freezing rain in the morning, then wintery mix throughout the day with a high probability of freezing roads and our cities are not equipped with Salt Trucks. We are closed tomorrow but stay tuned just in case the weather and road conditions get better later in the day. Also, all area school districts, private schools and day care centers have announced closures! Better safe than sorry.
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70 sit ups
60 air squats
50 mountain climbers
40 burpees
30 jumping lunges
20 V ups
10 hand release clapping push ups

Prickly Pear

Teams of 3

8 minutes to establish max height box jump.

Rest 4 minutes

3 rounds for time ea. relay style

7 Front Squats (155)(105)
50m farmers carry (70)(53)
200m run
15 Wallball (20)(14) 10′ Target



21 Deadlifts (225/155)
15 bar hop burpees

21 bar facing burpees
9 Deadlifts

15 Deadlifts
9 bar facing burpees

Coach Manimal below performs the Strict HSPUs

Near Miss

8×3 back squat. Select a weight around 85% 1RM and stick with it throughout.

For time:
400m Run
40 KB swings (53/40)
40 sit ups
40 push ups
400m Run



Because heavy-load squats and dead lifts incorporate more muscle groups compared to any other weight bearing exercise, they are the most effective overall exercises for stimulating changes in one’s body composition.  The entire body participates in the stabilization required for the movement.  We don’t perform these exercises sitting down, laying down or leaning up against something that helps to provide support.  This translates to the “real world” and drives the intensity up geometrically, therefore, creating the greatest hormonal response (Neuroendocrine and Hemostatic Response).

The Front Squat is a quad-dominant movement and also incorporates the hip extension.  Additionally, It works the abs and front deltoids hard, since it requires to keep the torso upright and in the correct posture.   We use the clean grip when doing the Front Squats since it translates well to our other favorite exercises (i.e., Power Clean, Squat Clean and the Overhead Press).  If holding the bar with your hands while it rests on your shoulders is a challenge, don’t give up, it will come.  The more you practice front squats, the more flexible you become.  Areas you should work to to increase your flexibility are the ankles, knees, back, shoulders, arms and wrists.

The Back Squat is a hip-dominant movement, wherein you also work the abs hard as you extend the back and torso to achieve correct posture.  A lot of “glute” work is also involved with the Back Squat.  Both high-bar and low-bar methods will work, but the low-bar method requires more flexibility on the part of the upper body than the high-bar method.  Also, the low-bar method requires a lot stronger core due to the range of motion required on the torso extension during the movement.

The Overhead Squat is the most difficult of all of the squat variations.  Like Coach Jim says, “if your regular squat sucks, your overhead squat will suck even more!”  I also like an excerpt that I found from Dan John’s article, “If you teach a young athlete to overhead squat, the back squat and the front squat are a breeze.  You don’t even coach it, they pick it up by simply watching the kid before them.”  The overhead squat is the ultimate abs/core exercise.

The Dead Lift is the most feared lift of all.  But executed with proper form, this lift strengthens the back, legs and grip.  If you feel like you need straps because you grip is weak, just dead lift more to strengthen your grip.  Also, the use of alternating grip and/or chalk will help.  The dead lift is also a transferable skill; it is the basis of most of our olympic weight lifting movements.

So, which lift is the best of all?  All of the above.  They are all incorporated in our program (both Strength and MetCons  or Metabolic Conditioning WODs).


With a partner complete 3 rounds each of:
10 later box jump overs (24/20)
15 Thrusters (95/65)
20 T2B

Each partner completes one whole round before switching. Non working partner must hold the front leaning rest position. If partner drops then both teammates stop and do 3 burpees before continuing.

Lucky Strike

6×2 Front squat. Start around 80% and build.

For time:
800m Run
15/12 rope climbs (or 10/7 legless)
800m Run

Atomic CrossFit gearspotting at the Inaugural game of the Houston Sabercats (a Major League Rugby Team) with Lisa Gruschkus this past weekend!