Lucky Strike

6×2 Front squat. Start around 80% and build.

For time:
800m Run
15/12 rope climbs (or 10/7 legless)
800m Run

Atomic CrossFit gearspotting at the Inaugural game of the Houston Sabercats (a Major League Rugby Team) with Lisa Gruschkus this past weekend!

Reverse Jackie

In 15-20 min build to a heavy backsquat double

For time:
30 pull-ups
50 Thrusters (45)
1000m row



The Mechanics and Importance of Deep Squatting by CrossFit Journey

It is a common mistake to see many newcomers in the gym performing what can be referred to as partial squats.  These usually either fall in the quarter or half squat category. These are often performed to gratify the ego as the amount of weight that can be put on the bar is much more than when performing a deep squat. Although it may satisfy the ego, performing shallow squats is not only not inefficient in building muscle and strength, but it is detrimental to the bones and joints of the body…………………Overall by using a lesser load and choosing to do deep squats there are many benefits. Some of these benefits include minimizing the external load by maximizing the lever arm of the weight, while minimizing the lever arm of the muscle. This will result in less weight but also a larger range of motion that allows the muscle to hypertrophy more efficiently while saving the bones and joints extra stress. Deep squats from their position throughout the movement also save a lot of this stress on the bones and joints. Using less weight because of the need to gain depth on the squat will also result in less weight being held at the top of the movement which is where most of the skeletal body takes the blunt force. Lastly, squatting deep facilitates smoother and less risky training as it is easier to dump the lighter loads from a bottom position than it is a partial position.


Knuckle Ball

5 rounds for time:
200m Run
5 squat cleans (155/115)
25 Double-Unders

Atomic CrossFit Gearspotting with Audrey Bertone and Linda Baker during their trips to Las Vegas, Nevada over the holidays.

New Year 2018

Reminder: We resume regular classes on Wednesday, January 3rd!


New Year’s Eve, Eve

Buy-in:  20 Calories Row

12 Movements  and 31 Reps of each movement

*ALL Barbells must be upfront and non-Barbell movements must be in the back or behind the rigs.

Push press (75/55)
Pull ups
Power snatch (75/55) (Scale to Hang Power)
Med ball sit ups
Toes to bar
Push ups
Box jumps (24/20)
Back squats (75/55)
Double unders (UB is rx)
Thrusters (75/55)
Jumping lunges

Cash-out: 18 Calories Row

We are ready for 2018!!

photo c/o Ryan Wong


Stop, Hammer Time!


Thrusters (115/85)
GHD sit ups
10 meter line sprints

**Friendly Reminder:  On Friday 12/29 the last class for the day is noon.  There will be no 4:30pm and 5:30pm classes.

Saturday 12/30 – Community WOD 8:30am
Sunday 12/31 – Open Gym 9am
Monday 1/1 & Tuesday 1/2 – Closed

Also, be sure to sign up for your classes early so coaches know who to expect, especially the last class for the day. We will cancel the last class for the day if only 1 person is signed up.
Thank you ACF Tribe!

Photo c/o Maria Pete