Before your first visit

What is the pricing structure and how often can I go?

You can ask us under the “Comments” section on the online form below and we will respond to you as well for all other questions.

New to CrossFit or Experienced CrossFitter

What is the schedule?

Current week’s main schedule in MindBody


Where do I login for MindBody?

Click the “Members Login” at the top right of every page or [click here]

How do I register to leave comments on the website posts?

You can register here or use the “logged in” link wherever you see comments for a post. You can also use your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ logins.

Do you have RSS feeds?

Yes. You can use the global feed to get anything posted to the blog. This includes WOD’s, Announcements, Articles, and any of the other blog categories.

  • http://atomiccrossfit.com/feed/

You can also subscribe to just a category such as WOD’s or Announcements.

  • WOD’s – http://atomiccrossfit.com/category/wod/feed/
  • Announcements – http://atomiccrossfit.com/category/announcements/feed/

Why does the website look “funky” in my browser?

The site should function and look great in the latest version of your favorite browser. If you are still using Windows XP, the site should function and look good in the last supported browser, IE8.

Additional effort has been put into functionality on mobile devices. While it is difficult to test on every single device, the site should be fine on any mobile operating systems released in the last couple years.

If you are having difficulty with the site on a particular modern browser and operating system please let me know in the comments of this post.