1000m Row

Reverse Jackie

In 15-20 min build to a heavy backsquat double For time: 30 pull-ups 50 Thrusters (45) 1000m row   The Mechanics and Importance of Deep Squatting by CrossFit Journey It is a common mistake to see many newcomers in the gym performing what can be referred to as partial squats.  These usually either fall in the quarter […]


5 sets: Bench press x 4 Rest 30 sec Single Arm Bent Over DB Row x 6 each arm Rest 90 sec For time: 1000m row Followed by: 5 rounds of: 20 KB swings (53/40) 10 ring dips It’s this coming weekend!!! Sign up soon!! Limited spots! Photo c/o CrossFit Gymnastics Lead Coach Chuck Bennington […]

Candy Girl

For Time: 1000m row Rest 5 min 1000m row Rest 5 min 1000m row

Double Jackie

Spend 15-20 min working on gymnastics weaknesses you may have With a partner: P1 completes: 1000m row 50 thrusters (45) 30 pull-ups Then, P2 completes: 30 pull ups 50 thrusters (45) 1000m row This Thursday at noon is Ashley Grubbs’ last day to coach at Atomic CrossFit.  She is relocating to the West U area […]

CF Games Throwback

For time: 1000m row -Then- 4 rds of: 15 pull ups 7 S2OH (135/95) *This is a modified version of the first event at the 2007 Crossfit Games in Aromas.

Plomo O Plata

EMOM 18 min: Minute 1 – Deadlift x 6 Minute 2 – chinups x 6 Minute 3 – 6 push ups + 100m sprint For separate times: 1000m row Rest 3 minutes 75 KB swings (53/40)

Cherry Pickers

For time: 1000m row Rest 4 min Complete a total of 3 rounds. Score is total time. 4 sets of: 8 ring rows 8 GHD sit-ups/ V-ups 8 True back extensions