1RM Snatch


Take 20 min to establish a 1RM snatch (full depth). Then: Death By 10m run With a continuously running clock run 10 meters the first minute, run 20 meters the 2nd minute, 30 meters at the 3rd minute…. continue until you cannot complete the distance within the minute.

Immature Struggle

Technique Work (See Notes under More Details) Snatch 1-1-1-1-1 Beginners/Intermediate or lesser exposure – perform from the hang and work on the movement/mechanics and bar speed first! MetCon 3 RFT 250m Row 30 Ball Slams (20/15)


10 minutes snatch warm-up/instruction 20 minutes to establish a max Snatch then EMOtM 12 minutes 3 Burpees 2 OHS (135/95)