2k Row

Houston Strong

For time: 2k row 150 Double Unders 1 mile run Spend remaining time stretching and foam rolling any problem areas. GO STROS!!  EARN HISTORY!!

Rambling Man

In 12 min: Row 2k 100 DU’s Max burpee box jump overs in remaining time (24/20) Humpday Wednesday’s 6:30pm crew was packed and guess who dropped in??  Laura Western (Steve Western’s daughter) dropped in for the day! She was our Affiliate’s very first (numero uno) On Ramp Fundamentals client from way back in August of […]

Gymnastics Strength

5 Rounds NFT 30 sec Hollow Hold on the ground (shorten the levers for proper form) 30 sec Arch Hold on the ground 6 – V-Ups 20 Sec Hollow Push-up Hold 20 sec Hollow Bar Hang with scapular retraction[Advanced Gymnastics Hollow Hold on Rings w/false grip] 6 – Hollow Pull-ups 10 Sec L-sit hold Metcon […]

Participation Trophy

Individual Achievement 2000m Row – Time Trial ——————————— Team Achievement Ground to Overhead (Teams of 4) Lift 12,000 lbs G2OH in any way, as fast as you can