800m Run

Hybrid Theory II

E2M 20: Clean and Jerk x 2 (not TnG) Build across the 10 sets. For time: 800m Run 30 G2OH (135/95) 800m Run ****The noon class is canceled today.  We are sorry for the inconvenience. *****

Mainsite Madness…

“Mainsite Madness…Keeping 5th Mountain in Mind” 5 rounds, EACH for time: 800m run Rest 3 min

Gymnastic Strength

2 Rounds (Not for time or No measure) 20 Hollow Extensions (modify to 30 seconds hollow body hold if lower back comes off the ground) 20 Side plank bananas ea. side 20 Hollow Push-ups 10 Hollow Pull-ups 10 Hollow Ring-Dips —————————— 800m Sprint for time


EMOTM 10 minutes 1 Rope Climb (15’) 5 Deadlifts (225)(155) 5 Push-ups Rest 2 Minutes 800m run for time

Brittle Monkey

800m Run ——— 3 Rounds 50 Squats 15 HSPU ——— 800m Run   Post time and scale to comments. Written by Tammi aka Trip this past weekend:  "Despite how the scores all shake out tomorrow I just have to say that this Open season has been incredible! I have loved Friday Night Lights and seeing […]