Back Squat

Raising the Bar

3-3-3-3-3 Back squat @ 75-80% Amrap 10: M=115lbs. W= 75lbs. 1 Deadlift 1 Hang power clean 1 Front squat 1 Push press 5 burpee every time your hands leave the bar or the bar “rests” on the ground How many CrossFitters does it take to engineer a 106# KB?? Answer: all of them! Photo: Tijuana […]

March Madness

6 sets of: Back squat x 3 Rest 2 min b/w sets. Build across the 6 sets. Benchmark workout “Jackie” For time: 1000m row 50 Thrusters (45)* 30 pull-ups *Do not drop empty barbells!