Back Squats

New Year’s Eve, Eve

Buy-in:  20 Calories Row 12 Movements  and 31 Reps of each movement *ALL Barbells must be upfront and non-Barbell movements must be in the back or behind the rigs. Push press (75/55) Pull ups Power snatch (75/55) (Scale to Hang Power) Med ball sit ups Toes to bar Push ups Box jumps (24/20) Back squats (75/55) Double unders (UB […]

Sting Like A Bee

3 person teams 1200m team run 60 Front squats (135/95) 12 rope climbs 800m team run 40 Back squats (135/95) 9 rope climbs 400m team run 20 OHS (135/95) 6 rope climbs Free Community WOD when you sign in on our MindBody scheduler by clicking the MEMBERS LOGIN link. The ideal OHS set up with […]

Ridin’ the Pine

4 sets: Back squat x4 Rest 90 sec Weighted chin ups x 5 Rest 90 sec Bear Complex: Perform 3 sets of 5 reps of the following complex: (5 consecutive reps hands do not leave the bar and the bar doesn’t rest on the ground) Power clean Front squat S2OH Back squat S2OH Goal is […]

Risky Business

Every 2 min for 10 min: Back squat Set 1- 6 reps @ 65% Set 2- 4 reps @ 75% Set 3- 2 reps at 85% Set 4- 2 reps at 90% Set 5- 1 rep at 95% 1 set Max reps @ 85% For time 40 WB (20/14) 400m run 40 burpees 400m run […]

Rapid Reload

Lift as much weight as possible in 10 Minutes Back Squats Rules: Rx – Minimum starting weights 135\95, but you can start at any weight over this weight. Rx – You MUST increase weight every 20 Reps. You cannot reduce load. Minimum increase is 20# men/10#women, greater increases are allowed. Scaled athletes just need to […]