New Year’s Eve, Eve

Buy-in:  20 Calories Row 12 Movements  and 31 Reps of each movement *ALL Barbells must be upfront and non-Barbell movements must be in the back or behind the rigs. Push press (75/55) Pull ups Power snatch (75/55) (Scale to Hang Power) Med ball sit ups Toes to bar Push ups Box jumps (24/20) Back squats (75/55) Double unders (UB […]

Three French Hens

3-person Team 9 Rounds for time , alternating exercises (22:00 time cap) 16 Wallball Shots (20/14) 14 Burpees 12/8 Calories Row 10 Front Rack Walking Lunges (135/95) Rest 5 minutes, then ………. Sumo Deadlift 3Rep Max    

Heavy Metal

Spend 5-10 minutes practicing handstand holds/progressions 5 sets: Max reps HSPU in 60 sec Rest 60 sec 3 rounds for time: 400m Run 20 burpees * if feeling saucy, add a weight vest for the metcon. Congrats to these two Barbara aka Babs and Ava for getting their Double-Unders for the first time during their […]


In 15 min build to a heavy 3 rep Thruster from rack Amrap 7: 3 Thrusters (95/65) 3 lateral bar hop burpees 6 Thrusters 6 burpees 9 Thrusters 9 burpees Etc.