Knuckle Ball

5 rounds for time: 200m Run 5 squat cleans (155/115) 25 Double-Unders Atomic CrossFit Gearspotting with Audrey Bertone and Linda Baker during their trips to Las Vegas, Nevada over the holidays.

Heartbreak Hotel

3 rounds for time: 10 squat cleans (155/110) 20 C2B pull ups 50 Double Unders Congratulations to Robin Mitchell for making the podium at the Turkey War III this weekend!  Also, a big shoutout to Nancy Guerra and Sara Mendiola for representing Atomic CrossFit well!  We are super proud of all of you!


Take 15-20 min and build to a heavy clean and jerk 3 rounds for time: 10 Deadlift (275/185) 20 clapping pushups 40 Double-Unders Lots of energy in weightlifting right now with CrossFit LiftOff2017 and the IWF World Championship in California!

Walk-About Creek

Spend 15 minutes working on handstand or other gymnastic progressions. 3 rounds for time: 75 Double Unders *7 Curtis P’s (95/65) *1 Curtis P = Hang Squat Clean + Lunge 1 Leg + Lunge Other Leg + Push Press Spend remainder of time foam rolling and stretching. So proud of the Tony Hall and James […]