jumping Lunges

New Year’s Eve, Eve

Buy-in:  20 Calories Row 12 Movements  and 31 Reps of each movement *ALL Barbells must be upfront and non-Barbell movements must be in the back or behind the rigs. Push press (75/55) Pull ups Power snatch (75/55) (Scale to Hang Power) Med ball sit ups Toes to bar Push ups Box jumps (24/20) Back squats (75/55) Double unders (UB […]

The Price

With a partner 400m partner rope run ———— 100 Jumping lunges 50 Burpees over partner (partner holds plank, must hop over them) 100 DB power cleans (50/35) 50 T2B (Single DB overhead hold) 100 heavy rope rope jumps 50 cal row ((partner holds DBs in front rack) ————— 5-4-3-2-1 (I do 5, you do 5, […]