kb swings

2009 Flashback

Relay begins and ends with a Team 500m Run and Team Thrusters. First person must wait until the entire team touches the thruster bar to begin the thrusters. Time will not be called until the entire team touches the thruster bar after the final run. Run 500m as a Team w/ heavy rope 50 Thrusters […]

Swingin’ Annie

3 sets not for time: 2 rope climbs 10 T2B 10 HSPU For time: 25 KB swings (70/53) 50 double unders 50 sit ups 20 KB swings 40 double unders 40 sit ups 15 KB swings 30 double unders 30 sit ups 10 KB swings 20 double unders 20 sit ups 5 KB swings 10 […]

Dave Castro’s DBs

Teams of 3 A. 50 m prowler push relay *time begins when you start part B B. Divide reps as needed, run together 150 DB Box step overs (40/30)(20”) *non working partners in plank* 100 T2B *non working partners holding DBs off ground* Run 600m carrying DBs 150 DB Thrusters *non working plank holds* 100 […]