Partner WOD

Main Site Mash Up – Saturday 160206

Teams of two 5 min amrap of: (one person working at a time,cumulative between both teammates and broken up between teammates in any way) 35 Double Unders 200 meter run Then Team Fight Gone Bad 2 rounds Switch off each minute and rotate to next station after both team members have completed the station. No rest between […]

Blast From The Past

Partner WOD Staggered Start 100m Prowler Push (155/105) 50 Ring Push-Ups  *Cumulative; switch any time 200m Farmers Carry (70/53) 50 OH Lunges (95/65)  *Cumulative; switch any time 100m Wheelbarrow 50 Squat Cleans (95/65)  *Cumulative; switch any time

Hammer and Chisel 2015 Event 1

Event 1 The Numbers Game (Partner WOD) (8min Cap) For time complete: One barbell per team Rx(135/95)Scaled(115/75)Masters(85/55)Super Masters(75/45) Round 1 p1 2 Squat Snatch p2 3 Ground to Overhead (G2OH)* P1&2 4 Burpees (in-unison)** Round 2 p1 4 Squat Snatch p2 5 G2OH P1&2 6 Burpees (in-unison) Round 3 p1 6 Squat Snatch p2 7 […]

Carb De-loading

Partner WOD 100 Thrusters (95)(65)(alt every 5 Reps) 60m Walking Lunge together 100 Ballslams (20)(15) (alt every 5 reps) 60m Bearcrawl together 100 Burpees (see-saw style)

CF Turkey Trot

Partner WOD 5 RFT 20 in-unison situps 400m Run 20 Partner Deadlifts (275)(185) 200m Run 20 Wallball Pass-overs (20)(14) one ball per team

Buddy Burn

for time complete: 400m Run Together 100 See-saw Back Squats (135)(95) 75 See-saw Burpees 50 See-saw Pull-ups 25 In-unison Wallball 400m Run Together

Hammer & Chisel Throwback

Partner WOD For time complete: run 1400m  10# Hammer Carry 60 Deadlift (155/105) 20 HSPU 20 Squat-Cleans (alt partners) (155/105)

Team Sting Throwback

Partner WOD “Jack-Hammer” 12 Minute Running Clock: Buy-in 75 Team Sit-ups (Interlocked arms) 100 Team Push-ups (1per person in order until the team reaches 100) Use remainder of time to perform AMRAP Hang-squat clean + overhead (95/65) – (75/45) One person working at a time **Both bars must be off the ground, only one bar […]

Optimism Reigns Supreme

Partner WOD Complete the following for time: [All reps cumulative except runs] 1PW = One Person Working at a time 400m Run 50 Medball Pass sit-ups (20/14) 75 DUs [1PW] 50 Partner Deadlift (335/225) 75 WallBall (20/14)-10′ Target [1PW] 50 In-Unison KB Swings (53/40) 400m Run