Partner WOD


Partner WOD 3000m row (switch often as you like) Rest 5 minutes 20 minute running clock. Move right into the next AMRAP… AMRAP 4 Minutes (alt partners every time the bar hits the ground) Thrusters (135)(95) AMRAP 7 Minutes Break it up anyway you want (one person working at a time) 10 Pull-ups 20 Push-ups […]

Frank and Jesse

Partner WOD All reps must be complete by partner one before partner two can do their reps. 600m Med ball run (20)(14) both must run. One med ball per team pass it as necessary. Then, 35 KTE each while non-working partner holds KB Overhead (53)(40) then 30 Pull-ups each while non-working partner holds the bottom […]

Louie and Lefty

Partner WOD Each pair gets a KB and a DB. One partner Works at a time; for reps to count the DB must remain overhead DB Rx is (35)(25) 2 Rounds with 400m KB/DB farmers walk between. Both partners must complete the 400m but the weight can’t be split between the two. 50 KB C&J […]


Partner WOD Complete the following work together (cumulative). Runs must alternate partners. Only one person working at a time. 400m Run (Partner 1) 50 KB Swings 400m Run (Partner 2) 5 Rope Climbs 400m Run (Partner 1) 50 Power Cleans (135)(95) 400m Run (Partner 2) 50 HSPU 400m (Partner 1) 50 Toes-2-Bar 400m Run (Partner […]


Partner WOD EMoTM Run 200m (scale the distance as necessary) Use the remainder of the minute to complete as many reps of the each exercise. Both do the run plus movement before moving to the next movement. KB Swings (53)(40) Squats Plate-hop Burpees Box Jumps Slamballs Push-ups (C2G) Wallball (20)(14) DUs

Smoked Salmon

Partner WOD 200m Run (relay) 50 Box Jumps (24″/20″)(alt partner each rep) 50 Wallball (20/14)(25 ea) 50 S2OH (95)(65) (25 ea) 50 Front Squats (95)(65)(25ea.) 50m OH Walking Lunge (45)(25) (25m each) **do not drop empty bars** 200m Run (relay)

Lemming Soup

Partner WOD For time complete: One person working at a time on reps 400m Run (Together) 100 SlamBalls (20) 100 Pushups 200m Run (Together) 50 Pull-ups 50 Ring Dips 100m Partner Carry (50m/50m switch) 25 Squat Cleans (135)(95) 25 HSPU 200m Sprint (relay style)


EMOTM until you a your partner hit 100 Burpees 5 thrusters (95/65) Remaining time do as many Burpees as possible. Alternate every minute Resting partner holds Deadlift (135)(95) Rest 3 minutes