Gifted and Talented

500m run 3 rds of: 50 double unders 12 Power cleans (135/95) 500m run Double Under Tips from the CrossFit Journal Congratulations to a few of our  ACF Members for getting their learning on this past weekend! Chris K and Mario G attended the CrossFit Level 1 Cert in San Antonio this weekend.  Ashley G […]

Dave Castro’s DBs

Teams of 3 A. 50 m prowler push relay *time begins when you start part B B. Divide reps as needed, run together 150 DB Box step overs (40/30)(20”) *non working partners in plank* 100 T2B *non working partners holding DBs off ground* Run 600m carrying DBs 150 DB Thrusters *non working plank holds* 100 […]


Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 (20 minute cap) 400m Run for time rest as necessary 600m Run for time rest as necessary 800m Run for time

Cardio Kings

For Time: Run 1 Mile 4 Rope Climbs (15’) Run 800m 3 Rope Climbs Run 400m 2 Rope Climb 500m Row 1 Rope Climb