Skill work

Andre the Giant

Spend 15 minutes practicing getting inverted. Whether it’s holds on the wall or walking across the gym, there’s something for everyone. For time: 750m row 30 burpee pull ups 750m row Wondering what to do? Here are some fun suggestions! Make sure to check with your coach BEFORE doing anything you are unfamiliar with πŸ™‚ […]


Every 90 sec until you have rotated through the stations 3 times each: Station 1- 2 rope climbs Station 2- 10 Kipping HSPU Station 3- 12 T2B For time: Buyin: 300yd shuttle (25/50/75) 3 rounds 25 ring push-ups 20 GHD sit-ups Cashout: 300yd shuttle (25/50/75)