Snatch Complex

Cheese Heads

Every 3 min for 6 sets: 2 hang snatch + 1 full snatch Amrap 11 min: 10 C2B 15 Thrusters (95/65) 30 Double-Unders Don’t forget to read about our annual participation in the CrossFit Open under the Announcements above.

Full Throttle

In 15-20 min work up to your heaviest weight of the following barbell complex: 4 Snatch grip deadlifts 3 hang power snatch 2 Overhead squats 1 squat snatch. *all reps are touch and go. Hands do not leave the bar during complex or attempt is done; otherwise, it’s a No Rep! For time: 500m run […]

Wreck Em

8 sets of: Hang snatch + OHS + full snatch Rest 2 min. Build across the 8 sets. For time: 1000m row 30 bar facing burpees 30 hang cleans (145/105)


Every 2 minutes for 16 minutes: Hang snatch + snatch Work to something heavy.  Work on pulling under the bar without a press out. For time 45 Deadlifts (245/165) 45 bar facing burpees

Area 51

E2MOTM “Snatch Complex” for 20 min: High hang snatch(from hip pocket) + hang snatch(above the knee) + snatch(from floor) Build across the 10 sets. 3 rounds for time: 20 box jumps (24/20) 400m run 10 DB hang squat cleans (40/30)

Black Betty 160209

A.  Every 2 minutes for 16 minutes perform Hang snatch + Overhead squat Increase weight across the 8 sets. B.  5 rounds for time: 7 power cleans (155/105) 7 shoulder to overhead (155/105) 7 bar hop burpees Announcement:  Don’t forget to register for the CF Open at the CrossFit Games Site.  The Open workout will […]