Team WOD

CF Square Dancing

Teams of 4 Complete the following for time (switch out as often as you like) Athlete 1&2 Work – Athletes 3&4 (one must hold plank for reps to count) —————— 20 HSPUs 30 Deadlifts (225)(155) 60 Box Jump Overs (24″)(20″) ——————

Grounded to the Ground

Team WOD (4 people) Each team will 15 minutes to establish a max Clean (score is combined max lifts) Rest 5 minutes Gather the following equipment: Kettlebell (53)(40) Wallball (20)(14) Hammer (10) Sandbag (70)(50)


Team WOD (Time cap 45 minutes) For time complete: Teams of Four all reps cumulative 600m Run – 2 People 50 Power Snatch (65)(45) 400m Run – 2 People 60 Push-ups 200m Run – 4 people 70 KB Swings (53)(40) 100m Run together -4 people 80 Dips (ring)(parallette)

2007 Team Stadium Event

2007 Team Stadium Event (Break into teams of 4) 30 Wallballs (20lbs/14lbs) each Then all four athletes complete all four of (“Annie are you ok” Style): Row 300m 30 Box Jumps (24″) 30 KB Swings (24kg/16kg) 30 DB Push Press / Push Jerk (40lbs/25lb) Then 30 Deadlifts (225lbs/135lbs) each

The Pentagon – Black Ops

  Teams of 4 Each event is scored individually.  These scores will be tallied and lowest overall score wins. Max Reps ____Press (1 attempt per team member all reps are added together for team score) Max Reps _____ Squats Max Reps Wallball Unbroken Max Reps _____ Pull-ups Unbroken 4x _____m Relay _____

This is Madness

Team WOD 3-4 person teams (Chipper Style) 500m Row 30 S2OH DB (45)(35) 20 Burpees (plate Hop) 30 Front Squats (95)(65) 20 WallBall (20)(14) 30 GHD Sit-Ups 400m Run

Dr Rosenrose

Team WOD   200m Team Run 50m Team Tire Flips 200m Run 50m Team Tire Carry 200m Run 100 Sledge Hammer Strikes 200m Run   Then 10 Rounds relay style of 20 Squats 10 Toes to Bar 5 Burpees   Post time and scale to comments. Happy Birthday George Colligan!

Wow Wow Wubbzy

Team Row 1000m 20 Rounds of Cindy (alternating partners) Team Row 1000m   The may be some speed bumps along the way…   Post time and scale in comments. Atomic Young Gun, Joshua Balat, decided to express his creativity with barbell movements in his school project. It is amazing to know that our kids program […]

Gutter Ball

Two person teams One person working at a time Reps split between partners in any way   1 round 60 KB swings 150 DUs 2 rounds 20 Wall ball 30 V-ups 3 rounds 20 Push ups 200m Run   Post time and scale in comments. Happy Birthday Nik A!

Main Site Double Up and Double Dip

Two person teams. All reps cumulative and split between team members in any way. One person working at a time.   2 rounds for time: 10 reps Shoulder Presses (115/75) 15 reps Overhead Squats 20 reps Push Presses 25 reps Front Squats 30 reps Push Jerks 35 reps Back Squats   Post time and scale […]