Team WOD

Apetite For Destruction

Just show up.  Bring running shoes, knee sleeves, your green hat, a fluorescent light bulb and chewing gum. Check out this article from Tabata Times; we think it’s time to remind our members again now that we have grown since we last posted this. Know The Difference:  Training vs Testing vs Competing

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

4 person teams For time: 20 calorie row 30 plate hop burpees 30 two arm DB G2OH (45/30) 30 T2B 100ft OH walking lunge (45/25) 100m sprint


3 person teams For time: 600m team run Partner A- 15 snatches (135/95) 400m team run Partner B- 20 snatches (95/65) 200m team run Partner C- 30 snatches (75/55) Then.. 150 wall ball (30/20) For the first part there is a catch. Just fyi ?

Muscle Confusion

3 person teams 20 min AMRAP 9 rope climbs 12 thrusters (155/110) 15 power cleans (155/110) 50 burpees

More Than A Feeling

4-Person Teams 1 team member runs a 400M with a Sandbag (70/50), while other team members perform work @ their stations: – KB Swings (53/35) (Scaled: 35/26) – Box Jumps (24”) (Scaled: Can step up) – Row for calories Once a team member returns from run, everyone rotates. Final time is when last team member […]

Dragon Boat

Teams of 4 For time complete: 3 Line runs each (relay style) [cone @ 10m/20m/30m] 30 Squat Cleans (155/110)(cumulative – relay style) 30 Box Jump Overs (20″) (cumulative – relay style) 30 Team Burpees in unison 30 calories each on the ERG (relay style) Team mile run holding a rope

El Duderino

Teams of 4 A. Team max lift B. Team chipper 30 wall ball (20/14) 30 pullups 30 alternating pistols 30 alternating DB snatch (55/40)

Dream Team

Teams of 3 For time complete: 400m Run Relay 100 Front Squats (135/95) 75 Pull-ups 50 S2OH (135/95) 25 HSPU 400m run together

Tie The Knot

Teams of 4 300yd shuttle run (25/50/75yd)– run in pairs 80 Hang power cleans (115/75) 80 Bar hop burpees 150 KB Swings 80 Partner sit-ups (40 each) 80 Box jumps (24″/20″) 300yd shuttle run (pairs)

The Million Dollar Question 160305

Saturday – Teams of 3 WOD Cumulative reps (all reps must rotate in order) all Run 600m 9 Renegade Man-makers (25)(20) 9 Curtis Ps (105)(75) all Run 400m 15 Renegade Man-makers 15 Curtis Ps all Run 200m 21 Renegade Man-makers 21 Curtis Ps