With a partner complete 3 rounds each of: 10 later box jump overs (24/20) 15 Thrusters (95/65) 20 T2B Each partner completes one whole round before switching. Non working partner must hold the front leaning rest position. If partner drops then both teammates stop and do 3 burpees before continuing.

Knuckle Ball

5 rounds for time: 200m Run 5 squat cleans (155/115) 25 Double-Unders Atomic CrossFit Gearspotting with Audrey Bertone and Linda Baker during their trips to Las Vegas, Nevada over the holidays.

Stop, Hammer Time!

21-15-9-3 Thrusters (115/85) GHD sit ups 10 meter line sprints **Friendly Reminder:  On Friday 12/29 the last class for the day is noon.  There will be no 4:30pm and 5:30pm classes. Saturday 12/30 – Community WOD 8:30am Sunday 12/31 – Open Gym 9am Monday 1/1 & Tuesday 1/2 – Closed Also, be sure to sign […]


3 rounds for time: 400m Run 21 DB snatches 12 T2B Throwback to Hammer&Chisel last month!  Thank you so much Fred Subia aka Master G for providing the awesome music during the event!   Photo c/o Jamal Sheik

Heartbreak Hotel

3 rounds for time: 10 squat cleans (155/110) 20 C2B pull ups 50 Double Unders Congratulations to Robin Mitchell for making the podium at the Turkey War III this weekend!  Also, a big shoutout to Nancy Guerra and Sara Mendiola for representing Atomic CrossFit well!  We are super proud of all of you!

Main Event

For time: 10-8-6-4-2 Power cleans (155/110) 15-12-9-6-3 T2B *20 Double unders between rounds We are so grateful  to all those who volunteered their time and others who helped out in many other capacities in making Atomic CrossFit’s Hammer & Chisel successful last month!   The event was a success in a way that it allowed […]

High Maintenance

AMRAP  20: 210m sandbag Run 15 GHD sit ups 9 box jumps (30/24) Photos c/o Maria Pete with MP Photography (@mybeautifulphotos2017)  (email: We are super proud of Analilia Rodriguez and Stephanie Garcia on their first competition in the Sport of Fitness!  They competed in the Scaled Division at the Atomic CrossFit Hammer & Chisel […]

Mr. Roboto

EMOM 12: Min 1- 2 rope climbs Min 2- 20 sec L sit hold Min 3- 20 sec HS hold nose to wall 4 rounds for time: 12 DB snatch (50/35) 12 T2B 12 burpee box jump overs (24/20) Don’t be afraid to scale down or slow down to get that full range of motion. […]

Sound Proof

**REMINDER:  We are closed for the weekend due to the 2-day CrossFit Gymnastics Cert** Warm up: coaches choice 3 rounds for time: 5 ring muscle ups 10 Front squats (165/115) 20 box jump overs Core: tabata hollow hold 10 second active rest in superman hold