Saturday WOD


500m Row (each team member)

3 Rounds (each team member alternating)

  • 10 Sandbag Half Moons
  • 5 Hop-over Sandbag Burpees

2 Rounds (each team member alternating)

  • 15 Wall Ball
  • 15 Pull-Ups

1 Round

  • 100 Double-Unders (total between team)
  • 400m Sandbag Run (total between team)

Post results to comments.

Feb11 019
The Gris with a fully extended 135 lb Summo Dead Lift High Pull.

9 Responses to “Saturday WOD”

  1. Hernan The Barbarian

    19:45ish (40# half moon,20# WB, 70# carry)
    Great teaming up with you Ray. Thanks for the encouragement JB, Silverback, and Gatekeeper.

  2. J. Dolenga

    31:36 40# Half Moon/10# WB/BA Pullups
    Thanks Brian for carrying the load today.

  3. April

    22:00 Josh and April
    J: 40#/10#/static +various bands/40#
    A: 25#/10#/black band/40#
    Great job this morning Josh way to work hard.
    Alot of hard work this morning–great to see so many people committed to working hard.

  4. G

    Playboy, ha! You made it on a Saturday. You love this crap, I know!
    Welcome aboard Michelle P! Good job on your baseline!

  5. ray

    Enjoyed this one, always fun working out with Hernan. Juan and Wingman looked strong today. Great seeing the new faces on a Saturday.
    Very creative name for the WOD, hope you didn’t stay up late thinking that one up JB 🙂 The hopover sandbag burpees were fun.

  6. G

    More photos have been recently uploaded under Pix n Vids. Many thanks to Gatekeeper.