AMRAP in 15 Minutes

  • 10 Dead Lifts (225)(165)
  • 10 Parallette Push-Ups (24" box)
  • 20 Double-Unders

Post results to comments.

New Space colored bumpers photo by Gatekeeper

(photography by Gatekeeper)

36 Responses to ““Jackknife””

  1. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    6 1/2 reps at 155
    Back was happy with the weight.
    Great job Pacemakers!

  2. Josh P.

    6+15 reps at 165
    Scaled the push-ups to no box.
    D/U’s are hard, especially when the rope whips you over and over…punishment for a missed D/U.

  3. the "Gris"

    6 + 5 reps; RX. Tough but good.
    Was draggin ass this morning trying to catch Jim.

  4. todd

    8 rounds RX. the 8th round was done in like 48 seconds. Thought I was gonna throw up…

  5. Billdozer

    9rds+37 reps(RX) Goal was 10 rounds, but i screwed up on my 18th double under and didn’t have time to finish…Good push Toddzilla..Good to see some new faces this morning.
    Where is everyone staying for sectionals? Stacy, start scouting out pre-wod sushi places.

  6. mario c

    mario c
    6 rds + 3 (#105; scaled to 60 singles)

  7. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    6 1/2 reps at 155
    Back was happy with the weight.
    Great job Pacemakers!

  8. Gab

    5 round and almost 6. On the 6th round I finished the deadlift and the push-ups when the clock stopped. I finished the last 20 DU in 1:40 min. But all my Du were done one by one. I can’t do 2 in a row.
    Nice WOD guys.

  9. Janet

    7 rds +10 reps at 95…found the rhythm of the DU’s…good first day! Excited for more..

  10. HeMan

    3 rds + 22 Reps (RX)
    Strategy note for the afternoon crews: One double under at a time is highly inefficient.

  11. Jen

    6R + 7Dls (125#,para jumps)
    thanks April! you’re awesome!

  12. April

    6 Rounds + 3 reps @165# / parallet jumps
    Thank you Jen and Tess for the push.

  13. Teach

    8 rounds (Rx)
    Great WOD today! Took a while to get my DU rhythm.
    Awesome to see such a huge group at 4pm!!!

  14. Andrew J. (aka Old Hickory)

    4 rounds + 35 reps (115#)
    My first WOD doing Double Unders … Yikes! My thanks to Billy for helping me clean them up!

  15. chrissy c

    5 Rnds + 15 Reps (115#, Lat Jumps)
    Thanks for making me do more weight guys – really, thanks. I mean it… really… yeah… 🙂

  16. Jimmy V

    4+25 @135 My 4th WOD and I’m already addicted. I was dreading and looking forward to the workout all day. Now I can’t wait for the next one. Thank God it’s not til Wednesday.

  17. J. Dolenga

    Accursed Double Unders. Always tempting me with the promise of feeling like Carl Weathers, but all too often, they only come one or two at a time. And thus, we put 4 rds+32 on the board today @135#. Looks like there will be homework.

  18. Andrea aka: Genie

    7 rds + 10 (115#, Reg push ups, lat jumps)
    I so missed the Box!! Love my other home away from home! My me time!!

  19. sunshine

    chrissy… we know you loved it.
    5 rounds + 3 (like my height)
    135#, push ups, lat jumps
    i post bc i fear grace.

  20. Princess Leia (Tammi J)

    7+20 (135#, 35# kb instead of du)

  21. G

    7 Rounds + 20 reps (Rx); just shy of the set of DUs – thanks for the push Billdozer. I was gunning for your 9 rounds!
    Feet-elevated Parallet pushups slowed me down but glad to be able to rep DLs and DUs consecutively except on the last 2 rounds.
    Nice effort on you first WOD Janet!
    Good to see Drago, Sugahara, Schubert, Genie. Hollywood, Michael C., Chris C., “Junior” and Toe back in the box this week.
    HeatherD, good to see you stop by at lunch.
    Bob, stringing consecutive DLs on reps prescribed is the goal to get the training effect on DLs, at least on the first 2-3 rounds.
    Good to see more posts tonight!

  22. She-Ra

    nice work for the RX G and Teach.. and arnold I think, she didn’t persay RX, but she didn’t say not RX.. I see so many new people posting, that is crazy awesome. and new colorful plates!? those are sweet, makes me wanna lift heavy when i have rainbow bars!! I had an AWESOME day at PPCF, had to scale some, but I still feel like i am getting stronger and stronger.
    War Frank
    25 MUs (I scaled to 10)
    100 Squats
    35 GHD situps
    had a few wardrobe malfunctions on the GHD.. lol but other than that kept moving!!

  23. Andrea aka: Genie

    7 rds + 10 (115#, Reg push ups, lat jumps)
    I so missed the Box!! Love my other home away from home! My me time!!

  24. ray

    6 rounds + 2 reps (205)
    Was able to string the deadlifts together for the first few rounds, then had to go one at a time.
    Fun working out next to Toe. Great work to the 6pm crew

  25. Hernan The Barbarian

    6 rds + 6 reps (205)
    Thanks for the help on form and motivation Stacy and 007.