“Stupid Cat”

Within 5 Minutes Perform:

10 Squat Cleans

Record total weight lifted/bodyweight as your score.  Missed lifts count as 0 and cannot be redone.  Annotate if your movements were scaled to Power Clean and Front Squat.

————– Rest 5 Minutes ———————-

Within 5 Minutes Perform:

10 Squat Clean and Jerks

Record total weight lifted/bodyweight as your score.  Missed lifts count as 0 and cannot be redone.  Annotate if your movements were scaled to Power Clean, Front Squat and Jerk.

Post results to comments.

Hernan St. Croix shirt spotting Handstand

Above, Hernan The Barbarian poses with a handstand at St. Croix

Vargas Couple St Croix shirt spotting

ACF Shirtspotting – The  Sequel (Keep sending them guys!)

Heather and Hernan The Barbarian took some time off this past week for an R&R at the Caribbean.

34 Responses to ““Stupid Cat””

  1. BB2

    Good work today pacemakers. BW=160
    Total weight lifted/BW = 19.68

  2. Billdozer

    I love these wods.
    Clean & Jerk
    Total Weight lifted/BW=19.03
    Hernan, did you kip that handstand?

  3. Bobo

    That kid makes it look so easy.
    BW = chubby bunny
    Clean: 165-185-195-185*7 = 1840
    C&J: 155*2-165*8 = 1630
    Score: 18.07.
    Barbarian, try to look like your at least halfway enjoying yourself dude.

  4. Beast (aka JA)

    Can I post my weight too as “chubby bunny” Bobo?

  5. Bobo

    If you were one… but we know better.
    Bobo BW = 192
    Lets have a Peeps clean and jerk off Sunday. hehe. have to do grace (30C&J@135#) with ten peeps in your mouth… without spitting them out. hehe.

  6. mikey

    “…Lets have a Peeps clean and jerk off Sunday. hehe. have to do grace (30C&J@135#) with ten peeps in your mouth… without spitting them out. hehe…”
    That just doesn’t sound right…

  7. heatherd

    JB, it is more like throwing them up rather than spitting them out. I have a little gag reflex going just thinking about them…

  8. Noel G (Wheezy)

    I feel I did better than expected since I haven’t been in the box for a long while.
    BW: 211 lb.
    85 lb PC/FS x 10
    95 lb PC/FS/J x 7
    Score: 7.8??
    Low score, but I finally was able to squat REAL low (almost farting at every squat)…..so I’m getting better little-by-little.

  9. David Henley "Chalkman"

    Squat Clean
    Squat Clean & Jerk
    Total Weight Lifted/BW = 15.25

  10. Silverback

    Bad day in the box. Bad strategy to go along with it. 3 misses first round, 2 the next. The rest of the math doesn’t matter…

  11. heatherd

    Update!!!Warrior Dash Hotel Accommodations:
    Phone: (972) 286-1010
    (Only a few miles away from the course near the intersection of I20 and I635)
    The block of rooms have been reserved; however, as of right now, there are still a few rooms available with single kings.
    If you still need a room or help finding one nearby, the number for La Quinta is listed above or you can shoot me an email at heatherdusek@gmail.com and I will see what I can come up with.

  12. Silverback

    Thanks for running this base for everyone Heather!

  13. BB2

    Heather D you mentioned a meet and greet….I think we should reserve some seats at “The Yard House” in City Center (Town and Country) Very kewl bar and restaurant for the UFC fight night on March 27th. Anyone up for that? Assuming they show the fight there…..

  14. mario c

    mario c
    BW = 162
    Clean: 2 X 75; 2 X 80; 2 X 85; 4 X 90 = 840
    C & J: 2 X 75; 2 X 80; 6 X 85 = 820
    1660/162 = 10.25

  15. mikey

    Beast- I hope to be back next week. I was told by the doc to take 2-3 weeks off w/ absolutely no running and “ease” my way back in gradually and let pain be my guide. Right…
    I went about 10 days with no running while doing low impact stuff at the globo (rowing, cycling, etc.)- kinda lame. I then graduated to working on squats and the knee held up so I ran a 5K this past weekend with minimal pain so I’m thinking I should be able to muddle through a scaled WoD next week! It’ll be a rude awakening…

  16. sean

    BW: 181
    squat cleans
    135 x 1, 145 x 9
    squat cleans and press
    I think 135 x 10
    Thanks Jim and G for the tips. I know my form is a mess but I am definitely getting more comfortable with some of the oly lifts.

  17. D-Mena

    BW – Too much…
    Squat Clean: 165×9
    Squat Clean and Jerk: 145×9
    Total wight lifted/body weight: 10.53
    The two misses were because I lost my balance at the bottom. I was told it was my shoes… so we’ll go with that. I’ll do better next time and hopefully weigh less.

  18. Hernan The Barbarian

    SC & J= 135×6, 115×4
    Nice WOD to come back to.
    Bobo, I was having a good time but just took that hands stand picture then ate it. Sand in as lot odd places.
    Dozer, kipping sand HSPU should be on a WOD somewhere

  19. Silverback

    I was so pissed off at my performance earlier today, I came back this afternoon to do the WOD again. Kept the weight relatively light since I went too heavy earlier in the day. Did 135 for all 20 reps Too light, but worked on my form – no misses.

  20. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    BW = 166
    Squat cleans: 85×6 / 95×4
    Squat clean & jerk: 85×10
    Ratio = 10.48
    Sacrificed ratio to concentrate on technique. It got a little ragged towards the end, but think I’m getting more comfortable doing them.

  21. HeMan

    cleans – 155×6, 135×3
    CJ – 135×9
    BW – 212
    12.?? was the number of something divided by something
    Went a little light to work on my form… apparently I suck at squat cleans and will be able to squat clean more than I power clean if I figure it out….. although I dont know if I buy that nonsense.

  22. Heather

    SC= 80×10
    SC & J= 9×70
    The miss on the SC & J was a total blonde moment or something. I forgot to squat so I didn’t count it. Good to be back at the box!

  23. Chrissy

    BW = 133
    SC = 9 X 80; = 720
    SCJ = 5 X 65; 2 X 70; 2 X 75 = 615
    1335/133 = 10.04

  24. Beast (aka JA)

    Good to hear your recovering well Mikey.
    BW: Chubby Bunny at 131.6#
    Squat Cleans: 95#(6)PR, 85#(2)PR, failed(2)
    Squat C&J: 75#(3)PR, 80#(7)PR
    Score: 11.64
    After Sharon told me not to miss, I did twice. After everybody and their brother told me to take my time, I did 3 SC in 30 secs-hence the miss. I know G…not listening. 🙁 Did better after the rest.

  25. Beast (aka JA)

    I hate typos…it’s “YOU’RE recovering well, Mikey.” Geez…
    Bravo, what’s the link to the run?

  26. Billdozer

    Matthew, do you think it is easier to lift something 6 feet or 3 feet? You are strong enough, it just takes practice.

  27. G

    SQ 125×5, 130×5 = 1275
    SQ & J 125(miss), 120(miss), 115×7 = 850
    Coefficient Ratio: (1275 + 850) / 116 = 17.93

  28. G

    Welcome aboard Logan! Awesome baseline today!
    Great to see Noel, Caci, HeatherD, Heather, Hernan, Malou, Aaron and Max back in action.
    HeatherD, thanks for coordinating the Warrior Dash accommodations. UFC Night at the Yard House sounds like a good plan for meet and greet as Jim says.
    Wheezy is funny! ACF rule # 14! Yeah!
    Mikey, see you soon!

  29. Noel G (Wheezy)

    Thanks G! I think Rule #14 will always be my friend!

  30. sharon

    BW = 146
    SC: 5 @ 100 4 @ 95 (stupid miss at 100, picked the bar up and forgot to clean it)
    C&J: 5 @ 95 (pr for C&J) 5 @ 85
    Actually pretty happy with my results 🙂

  31. TC

    BW: Two Seventy Fat (275)
    SC:2@205 2@185 and 2@135
    C&J:2@135 8@155
    Score: 9.30