“Bullet Proof Bubblegum”

20 Minutes to work up to your Front Squat 1RM

*Practice scale: 4 sets of 10 reps

Rest 5 Minutes

3 Rounds For Time:

  • 10 Weighted Pistols* (35)(Right Leg)
  • 5 HSPU**
  • 10 Weighted Pistols (35)(Left Leg)
  • 5 Strict Pull-Ups***

*scale Pistols:  standing with 1 leg on the box or 1 legged box squats or if the band assist is used make sure you are on your heel the entire time.

**scale HSPU with Abmats, Pike Push-Ups or Seated DB Presses

***scale Strict Pull-Ups with strict band assist (no jumping), otherwise, ring rows

Post results to comments.

TC 225OHS 

TC during the concentric portion of a 225 lb Overhead Squat.

40 Responses to ““Bullet Proof Bubblegum””

  1. the "the Gris"

    265 1RM Front Squat. Missed 275 with 10 sec to go. Had a good time working with Juan Timberlake, C-note and Bobo on the squat rack.
    Love a large crowd of pacemakers on Monday. Was funny to watch us all fight through pistols. New exercise for me. Felt good on my Right Leg, Left Leg was more challenging.
    13:01 (Right Leg, RX; Left Leg – 2 rds w/band 3rd rd RX as my technique improved.)

  2. Bobo

    FS: 215
    Missed 225.
    Metcon: 9:00 RX.
    Gotta work on not letting my knees cave in on the squats.
    Pistols… now that’s a shock to the system. I’ll be feeling that for a couple of days.
    Way to lift some serious weight Gris!
    Hernan made the main site yesterday!

  3. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    185 on FS
    8:20 band assist
    Back felt that last load on the squat so I played it safe.
    Josh K, you did great! Thanks for sharing the bar. I’ll bring wd40 next time 🙂
    Way to conquer them pistols Timberlake! Gotta say that your static chest to bar is just plain crazy brother!
    Great job on the whole wod Arthur!
    Great work Pacemakers!
    Thanks G!

  4. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    Hernan, didn’t know you had piercings…

  5. Summer

    5:21 (band pistols,pike push up with 1 ab mat,band assist) Good Job t-cats, good job Romi on ur first class.

  6. BB2

    205 FS
    12.22 (26# Right leg\20″box left, static C2B, Rx HSPU)

  7. T to the O to the Double-D

    Dang, Summer, you must have eaten your Wheaties this morning.
    210# PR FS!!! If you had told me a year ago I would FS 210#, I would have told you to take a long walk off a short pier.
    Did pistols with a box, but I was amazed to have done them at all. So, good day. 9:32 (1 Abmat)
    My butt is hard as a freakin rock!

  8. Coach Jim

    I must say that CrossFit Games are truly a special event. If you have the time and the means put it on your summer schedule now.
    April and I are going.

  9. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    185 on FS
    8:20 band assist
    Back felt that last load on the squat so I played it safe.
    Josh K, you did great! Thanks for sharing the bar. I’ll bring wd40 next time 🙂
    Way to conquer them pistols Timberlake! Gotta say that your static chest to bar is just plain crazy brother!
    Great job on the whole wod Arthur!
    Great work Pacemakers!
    Thanks G!

  10. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    Hernan, didn’t know you had piercings…

  11. MSU Alum (J. Dolenga)

    Front Squat PR! 235# FS (crossed arms). Missed the only attempt at #245 because I attempted with little time left and only went to parallel. Excuses, excuses. Watch out next time – there is unfinished business here.
    Thanks to Gatekeeper, G, and the Chief for the encouragement and strict judging of form.
    7:17(?) on the banded pistols, pike pushups, and skinny band strict pull-ups
    Go Spartans!

  12. Rosie

    125# FS
    11:14? (Band Pistols, 20# DB, Ring Pulls)
    REALLY happy with my FS=applied info from Sat’s Clinic. (RACK!)Thanks JIM & JB!:)

  13. HeMan

    205 FS
    13:58?? (2 abmats, box assist pistol)
    I was good with 205 til I actually looked in my book and saw my old 1RM was 215. I’m gonna blame it on the jeager/tiquilla/kamkaze/beer chugging.
    Steph, my tshirt size is XL and I am out looking for the 4 most rediculous green sunglasses as we speak.

  14. Noel G (Wheezy)

    155lb Front squat (PR)
    7:19 (Scaled)
    -green band assisted pistols
    -25lb DB press
    -ring rows
    Summer, you were flying! One second I see you on the band, I turn my back, look over and you’re doing the HSPU, I sneezed and look up and you’re doing the pull ups. Any faster and I would’ve got dizzier than a squirrel at a candy store.
    Caci was bragging about her squats when we got home. Grace created a monster. Also, I might start leaving the inhaler in the car (too soon?).

  15. Heather

    115 FS
    9:08 (1/2″ band asst pistols & pull ups, pike)

  16. Gina

    FS 135 (PR). Thanks to everyone yelling ‘elbows up’ on all 4 attempts! I finally got it.
    4:22 with band assist. Used the thick white band, which was WAY too easy. Did 2 sets of pistols afterwards to make up for it and actually worked the leg muscles this time.

  17. Jen

    105-110*(M) 🙁
    fun sharing bar with the 4pm girls!
    8:10 (band assist pistol(1st time),pike,band assist static pull-ups)
    Very impressive work Charlie!
    Way to tackle pistols-Johnny B and Eli!

  18. T.C.

    295# FS Still a little sore from last week but today wasnt bad still wish I could have got a little more!!!
    box assist pistols, 2 abmats, green band on the last set of pull-ups only!!!

  19. Ian

    6:14(band first two rounds/last round with no weight and used the bar for guide)(static pull ups/1abmat)

  20. G2

    165# (PR)
    band assisted pistols
    20# db
    ring rows
    Awesome day for everyone…. Billy greenglasses.com in yo face.

  21. Teach

    Had to do the WOD in my garage today…needed to be somewhere at 5:00.
    Instead of FS, ran 1 mile for time
    7:40 (slow…I know 🙂 )
    9:58 (35#/26# pistol squats, 1 folded towel)
    started with 2 plates stacked on each other to make 35# let’s just say it didn’t work very well or help my balance! So I switched to the 26# KB for the last two rounds.

  22. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    7:06 (box pistol / 2 abs mats)

  23. Billdozer

    14 minutes of flailing around non rx, I don’t even feel like trying to figure out all the different variations I used.
    Thought I could work out at 830 but still hungover from Saturday, glad I made it at 4. did PR front squat with 265#.

  24. Pat

    6:50 started on the band last two on the box fs#195 legs felt their age today

  25. Babs

    5:03 (gr. band pistols,15#db’s, ring rows)

  26. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    FS: 130# (Missed 135# 3 times before falling back to 130#, still a personal best)
    6:27 (Band pistol, Pike push-up, some strict pull-up)

  27. chrissy

    9:44 (box pistols/pike push ups/thin white band)

  28. mario c

    mario c
    FS #115
    Metcon: 9:04 – used green and wide tan band together for pistols; 2 abmats but nevr atually touched them on the HSPU.

  29. the "Gris"

    Billdozer – loved your post. Made me laugh.

  30. eli alonso

    Great to be back! Lots of great changes since the last time!
    FS# 235
    11:03 #18 pistol,rx pu/hspu
    The best pistol i did was when i stepped out of my truck on one leg and went straight to the ground..this is goin to hurt in the a.m.
    good job everyone!!

  31. G

    Rest day for me. Hammies and back are still shot from heavy DLs on Friday.
    Jason Dolenga…good luck to your old school…since Xavier and Ohio St are out, I’m betting on the Blue Devils from the basketball country of North Carolina.
    Wheezy, Caci has bragging rights. Her squats are deeper nowadays!
    Awesome baseline today, Deborah. You have a good gas tank!
    Welcome on your first WOD:
    Brandon W.
    Great to see Mikey back in action.
    Also, welcome Charlie from TWC CrossFit. It was a pleasure watching you do the WOD today.
    Awesome PR today guys!

  32. G

    Eli, it is good to have you back with us. Glad to see you posting. Being able to do 18# wtd pistols was a pleasant surprise, huh?! Keep working hard!!!

  33. Beast (aka JA)

    145# FS PR!!!!
    6:30? (Box pistols, 2 abmat HSPU and black band pull-ups) First time to do pistols and HSPU’s in a WOD. I got brave and did 1 abmat for 2 reps on the second round and quickly grabbed the other one back.
    Thanks for working out with me Katie and Chrissy, even though the squat rack was way low for you two. Thanks for checking my form…I really needed that. I want to have quads like Katie…

  34. mikey

    185# FS PR
    That other mess wasn’t worth mentioning, I made Billy’s effort look good. Mine was 10+ minutes of pure train wreck. Let’s put it this way- I looked forward to the pull-ups!!!
    Good to be back and see everyone again. The 7pm ladies were moving some serious weight.

  35. John B

    10:53 195(PR); 1AM; 18# pistol
    First time doing pistol & I’m quite amazed how I did it!! Lunges and squats shape up my thighs well.

  36. Katie

    Forgot to post yesterday…
    Box pistols, 2 abmats and band)
    Very excited this was my first workout doing handstand pushups!!
    Front Squat 115