Back Squat 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3


3 Rounds For Time:

  • 30 GHD Sit-Ups*
  • 30 Ring Push-Ups**

*Scale GHD with anchored Sit-Ups

**Scale Ring with parallet or regular push-ups

Post results to comments.

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38 Responses to ““Fracture””

  1. Stephen

    205 BS (PR)
    14:20ish (Anchored SU, 20 reps RP)
    Josh enjoyed sharing the bar and the conversation. Arthur good to see you again. Juan thanks for the encouragement to go for the ring push-ups. Thanks G. Great work everyone.

  2. Katie

    Need to work on getting some hammies!!!
    14:07 (Anchored SU)
    Tough WOD. One day I will be able to backsquat over 130. Tried to work on good form on my ring pushups..those are tough! Great job everyone. Rosie awesome job on your squats this morning!
    Thank G&JB on your hamstring tips! I will start working on that.

  3. Bobo

    265 BS
    Metcon: 10:10 RX
    Team Ramrod. That’s awesome. I tried to get my team to go for Atomic Turds, or four turds in the punch bowl, but that didn’t fly. hehe.
    Great sharing the bar with Timberlake and the Gris.
    Katie, keep it up on those hammys, you’ll get stronger quick.
    Great pacemaker group this morning. as it gets hotter, 5:30 gets nicer.

  4. the "Gris"

    Metcon: 11:33 RX.
    Good lifts with Bobo and Timberlake.
    Dozer – don’t be mad but I gave your shoes a try. Big fan, definately helped keep me stable. Squats felt good but was still sore from Monday’s lunacy.
    Good work pacemakers. That is a nasty Metcon as I have never done remotely near that many GHDs before.
    Way to power through everybody.

  5. josh p.

    Stephen gave me a great push on the squats and Ibarely made it to 215 (PR)…had to “do-over” the last squat of the last set.
    My beautiful face (and my dentist) says thanks to G for not letting me try ring push-ups.
    Metcon: 9:30 with parallet push-ups and weighted sit-ups.

  6. HeMan

    12:48 (RX)
    pretty impressive getting beat by 6 mins in a 12 minute workout. Nice work Daniel and Bravo. Nice PR on you BS Todd!!! And good work from my female counterparts from team badass!!

  7. Rosie

    7:57 (anchored SU,Reg PU)
    Thanks Katie for your support today on the BS. Your ring push ups were so impressive.
    Good job everyone!:)

  8. T to the O to the Double-D

    255# BS Personal Record!! Great!
    8:32 RX WOD. I went that fast only because Bravo and Daniel were ahead of me. Great push, guys!

  9. Daniel

    7:00 (rx)
    good job 8:30 crew. Heman nice work. Todd way to PR on those backsquats! Bravo good to finally meet ya man, definitely helped give me a push. Fam, Aida, Arnold and summer, as always you guys rocked it.. Summer.. Sorry to hear that your from new Mexico ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Nicole disco d

    bs 70,85,90,95,105
    6:59 situps,pushups knee
    Great job 8:30

  11. Daniel

    Arnold- lol im at about 158 body weight so its close! like i was telling todd i dont have much size on my legs but for some reason there strong. i was a catcher in high school soo..? Good job on your PR ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Richard Davis

    6:39 30 situps. 20 ring pushups

  13. Gina

    105-135-155-165-170 (PR!!) Should have started out higher, but I’ll make a note for next time.
    Good to meet you Ingrid – nice work on your first back squats! Kate & Heather, always wonderful working the bar with you. Thanks for the push/confidence. Loved the: ‘You’re definitely adding weight’
    8:44 (weighted, knee) my new goal is to actually do a WOD with regular push ups!

  14. G2

    (ASU, 30 toe pu, 60 knee)
    Good job everyone tonight at 6pm.

  15. Nisha

    BS: 65, 85, 85, 115, 115
    Tried to work on form, still collapsing a bit in the front..but, at least now I can recognize when I start to come out of proper form..
    10:24 MetCon (anchored SUs, regular PUs)

  16. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    9:44 (rx)

  17. Katie

    Arnold…I’ll do a bootyswitch with you if I could get a hammy switch?? lololol

  18. April

    10:09 ?? –round two sharing the GHD so moved to the floor–my arms are a little raw from the ring push ups

  19. ray

    Welcome back Stephen! Good times sharing the bar with Stephen and Bob
    11:30 (15GHD,15 anchored, ring pushups)

  20. Heather

    10:51 (reg PU’s/2 rds of reg sit ups/1 rd GHD) Thanks for sharing your GHD April ๐Ÿ™‚
    Nice hard work, Ingrid, Kate, & Gina! Fun sharing the bar with yall

  21. T to the O to the Double-D

    Summer, please don’t talk about Texas Tech University, home of the Red Raiders…even in a joking-manner.

  22. Pepper

    85-95-85-85-85 (worked on form…my squats suck)
    13:24 (ASU, knee PU) Thanks Bryan for keeping me moving!
    Good job guys!

  23. T.C.

    10.36 or 11.36 I cant remember (60 ASU, and 30 GHD’s) ring push-ups

  24. Hernan The Barbarian

    8:54 i think (GHD, RPU)1 rd 30, rd 2&3 20
    BS 155-155-155-155-155
    Good to be back. Still not close to 100% but feelin better. Good weight today Carl, you will be breaking 300lb’s in no time.

  25. G

    8:59 (Rx)
    Back and hammies are not quite recovered from 3RM DL and DL-Metcon Friday…so played around with the bar again just to give G2 (who rawked it tonight) some company at her station.
    So Famelicious, you’re definitely not the only one still recovering. Just think of this week as our unload week.
    Welcome back Steven Kim!!
    Welcome on your first WOD, Deborah!
    Stephen, good to see you working those knees out on your last few sets this morning!
    Gris, make sure you match the same shiny color Lift Shoes as Dozer’s. It was a night and day of difference with your squats.
    Josh P – ring push-ups will come sooner that you think.
    Nice PR Todsky!
    Is that a PR Daniel?
    Nice to see Richard D posting here regularly now.
    Arnold and Jack Rabbit, you guys crack me up.
    Good to see The Barbarian, Crazy Carl, Contra and Bravo back in action!
    Awesome job everyone!

  26. G

    Attention: April 17th Team WOD Competitors (scaled and standard)
    Get your Team WOD practice in this Saturday morning. We will not do a separate 8:30am as initially planned. Just show up along with the weekend warriors at 7:30am. You will, obviously, be teamed up with your own teammates.

  27. Crazy Carl

    7:03 (ghd sit-ups) 115# DL substituted for ring pushups, due to my strained pectoral muscle i sustained last week.
    But i can’t stand to stay away from the BOX for too long…gotta work around the injury.
    awesome afternoon to workout…great job to all that partook in the action..

  28. T to the O to the Double-D

    haha. no offense. i should have ended my comment with a “:-)” I was just teasin.
    My bad. ๐Ÿ™‚
    (but, seriously, don’t talk about TTU even in a joking manner)

  29. G

    For those who RSVP’d on Yonder Way Farm Group ordering, we can have them deliver it to our facility every 1st Friday of each month. This will mean that you all will order and prepay on-line via their website at
    and pick up your order at the box every 1st Friday of each month by 7Pm. They can start the order as early as April 9th, next Friday.
    Let me know if you all are able to order for next week’s delivery, April 19th. My email is grace@atomiccrossfit.com.

  30. Kari

    BS 65-65-75-80-95
    3 Rounds 30 ASU/10 PU then KPU for the rest
    Congrats to Deborah on her first WOD!

  31. Aida

    better late than never…
    I suck at squats…115-135-145-155x-155x…
    Fam…we did get a nice extra WOD…that’s why I couldn’t do 155…haha
    9:09 Rx

  32. Son of Sparty (J. Dolenga)

    BS 155-185-205-225-245PR!
    20:15 (Ring Push ups were the end of me, weighted sit ups)
    Thanks to JB for helping me find the rhythm, although one push every 7 seconds can’t really be called rhythmic in any real way.
    Sorry for all of you that didn’t go to Final Four bound Michigan State.

  33. David

    15 GDH, 15 ASU Next time GHD all the way baby!! (11:34)

  34. Kate

    BS 105-125-135-145-155, 6:50 (wtd situps, knee pushups)

  35. Tess

    BS 85(then), 115(now);
    Knee PU’s(then), Regular PU’s(now);
    YEY!!! very ๐Ÿ™‚ with progress. Thanks everyone esp. to Jim and G for the push.