5 Rounds For Time

  • 7 Burpee Box Jumps (24")
  • 5 "Curtis Ps" (95)
  • 7 Static Pull-Ups

Post results to comments.


Happy Birthday JA (aka, Beast)!! (photo  courtesy of Gatekeeper)


Happy Birthday Nicole (aka, Z)!! (photo courtesy of Sarge) 

63 Responses to ““JackPot””

  1. Nicole disco d

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JA and Nicole!!!!
    Have a Great Day:)

  2. BB2

    Happy B-day JA and Z!
    18:33 Rx+30″box (penalty for being too slow to get a 24″ and huge 5:30 crowd)

  3. Andrea / Genie

    Happy Birthday Beast and Z! Hope you both have a wonderful day!

  4. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    21:06 RX
    Great job Pacemakers!
    Happy bday and God bless you Beast and Z.
    Thanks G!

  5. HeMan

    19:2? (RX)
    Fam was flying and steph fought the whole way. Props to team BA!
    Lots of fun getting lapped by the entire second heat. Somebody find me a scaled division of the thundercats.

  6. Billdozer

    14:18(RX) Ian was flying today, heck of a group to go with at 8:30…Lopez, Daniel, Spec, Matt. That was fun. Sometimes I feel so dirty after the 8:30 between Fam, Toe and Arnold’s erotic pole dancing.

  7. josh p.

    23:ish scaled to kipping. Am still too rotund/weak for static pull-ups.
    Good workout.

  8. Macho Ranger

    Hey Josh P, at least you’re kipping now!!!

  9. Ramrod

    14:27 ( Kip., still gaining the strength back in my new arms lol). Heck of a group today. Both heats did awesome. Ian definitely ate his wheaties this morning. And I’m with Billy, no more pole dancing ladies πŸ™‚ and apparently I have been christened “ramrod”. Thanks G!

  10. ian

    Happy B-day Beast and Z!!!!
    13:00 RX
    2nd heat of thundercats was tough.

  11. Bobo

    15:51 RX.
    felt a little sluggish today and still feeling the GHD from last week. okay, yeah i am whining.
    Had to redo my last pull up twice, and then throw a fit. first one i didn’t get over the bar, second one i kipped. always so tempting the just blow off that last rep in a wod. Thanks for keeping me honest guys.
    Josh, you are one strong and athletic dude. sometimes that strength comes at a price. keep it up bro and the strength to weight ratio will keep getting better.
    Great work Arthur. i like your intensity!
    Rosie… we’re not going to let you hide in that back corner any longer. you’ve got more in that gas tank. front and center from now on. hehe.

  12. Noel (Wheezy)

    24:47 (Super Scaled)
    – Mixed burpee- (18″) box jumps/step-ups (depending on shortness of breath)
    – 65lb x 3 front squats
    – Ring rows
    I need to be more careful, almost took out Billy’s leg when I dropped the weight. But then again, he was busy being fascinated with the ladies. So….pay attention!

  13. Ian

    G what time will they deliver the meat this Friday?

  14. Bobo

    Happy birfday JA and Z.
    Steph, did you invent a new version of the curtis p? stripper squat clean, good morning, lunge, lunge, press?

  15. Rosie

    20:51 (20″,35#, RR)
    Bobo- hiding… who lil ol’ me??? lol… I kinda just get pushed to the back by all the B I G guys @ 5:30. I appreciate your confidence in me & you’re right. Im not feeling 100% today.
    Its tough working out with the cream of the crop!;)
    Happy Birthday Ladies!

  16. Jolecelle

    Happy Birthday!! Love the pictures.
    Z- your abs are hard core! Nice!!

  17. the "Gris"

    Happy Birthday ladies! April is a good month to be born in.
    17:33 (not quite RX; wasn’t paying attention and kipped my 3rd round; needed to be more still on the remainder of my statics) I will whine right along side of Bobo on last weeks GHD workout. Not happy fun time recovery after that one. Still sore.
    But it is uplifting to be in the box with a huge 0530 crowd of pacemakers on a Monday. Well done all.

  18. Gina

    19:37 (19″, 65#, green band)
    Arnold – I do remember you telling me that ‘Crossfit makes your clothes fall off’, so….
    Awesome to work out with the 8:30 crowd – can’t wait for summer when I can come more in the mornings!

  19. T to the O to the Double-D

    16:23 or something. upsetting performace.
    Ian, not bad for a chocolate-martini-drinking-high-stakes-gambler! Well done, my friend!

  20. Silverback

    14:36 (Rx)
    Todd, you had me until the 4th rd. You must’ve done an extra round or exercise somewhere in there to let me back in the race πŸ˜‰
    Happy Happy ladies!

  21. Ian

    Thanks T to the O to the Double-D. Once in a while I have one of these breakout performance. Now if I can keep doing it on a daily basis like C-Note everything will be good

  22. mario c

    mario c 20:10 – modified to 5/3/5 reps per round. #17; #65.

  23. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    21:06 RX
    Great job Pacemakers!
    Happy bday and God bless you Beast and Z.
    Thanks G!

  24. Janet

    21:40 (1in. band) at the gym…not the same as the box but great to feel it again…happy birthday to the ladies – enjoy your day!

  25. mario c

    mario c 20:10 – modified to 5/3/5 reps per round. #17 step up burpees; #65 CP’s.

  26. Z

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! πŸ™‚ Gosh, I don’t think y’all realize how much I have missed my crossfit family. I was in the box ONCE during the month of March…tisk, tisk on me! This past month was the busiest month I have had in the last year for sure…and maybe even years…ha.
    17:29 (65#, R4&5 kipping)
    Felt good to be back in the box…and wow, I definitely felt it today. Nice of Curtis to show up on my birthday and first day back after taking a century and a half off! Guess he missed me.
    Way to go, Nooners!! πŸ™‚ Thanks, G and Jim and JB. Aida, nice job and thanks for the push!!

  27. Z

    …annnd Happy Birthday, JA!!! πŸ™‚ Hope you’re having an awesome day!!!

  28. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    Time 25:12 (65#, R4&5: Jumping Pull-Ups)
    Not really happy with the results today. Never found 2nd gear much less 3rd; it felt like moving through molasses!
    On a happier note, Happy B-day ladies!

  29. Beast (aka JA)

    Thanks to all the Bday greetings and HAPPY BDAY Z! Gatekeeper could have photoshopped my face on Z’s pic, but oh well too late!
    Curtis P. and I have a special bond…somehow I knew he would show up today.

  30. Sarah

    22:33 (65#, kips)
    Um wow, what a day to choose to come back! I don’t feel bad about my time at all. I even threw in some HSPU’s to make Billy jealous, love you! haha! It was nice to be back…when I was done with the wod!Grace thinks I will be competition ready in two weeks. She’s either crazy or right on, time will tell πŸ™‚
    It was nice to see everyone! Thank you Beth for the uber happy scream to see me!
    Happy Birthday ladies and congrats to Stacey and Sharon!

  31. Crazy Carl

    Tough WOD today… curtis P’s got to me today.
    Yried to keep up with Teach, but eventually her ‘superiority’ just took over and left me in the dust. 95#’s started to effect my OXYGEN INTAKE!!! Great job to everyone in the 4 o’clock class. Hard Dirty Grindin Work. Love working out in this WARM weather…the shirt just won’t seem to sat on anymore πŸ˜‰

  32. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    24:03 rx

  33. Nisha

    24:43 (20″, 65#, RR)
    Tough WOD…starting wondering if I would be able to finish at about round 3..somehow kept going through round 4 and then the realization struck that there were only 5 more Curtis Ps to get through which made round 5 possible…

  34. Heather

    21:57 (20″/55#/ 1/2″)
    Tough one today. Happy B-day ladies! Congrats to Sharon & Stacy!

  35. Teach

    thanks for the push Crazy Carl! Always fun with the 4pm group!!!
    Sarah- always excited to see you!!! I’ve missed you πŸ™‚

  36. Sarah

    Aww thanks Beth, I’ve missed you too! Grocery store talks just don’t cut it!

  37. Hernan The Barbarian

    Static PU really slowed me down not to mention Curtis P. Great group today.

  38. Babs

    Happy Birthday Ladies!
    19:07 (18″ burpee step ups, 35#, ring rows)

  39. Chrissy C

    HBD JA&Z!!!!!
    20″/65#/Black Band Static

  40. T.C.

    15.38? Band assist on pull-ups
    It was all I could do to try to keep pace with G!!!
    By the way Pull-ups are not ment for chub scouts like me!!!

  41. Mango Tango (J. Dolenga)

    22:33 (I think)
    20″ Box Jumps/#75/Green Band Static Pull Ups
    Forced myself to graduate to the green band today. Congrats to me.
    Felt overwhelmed by the heat for the first time in a WOD (makes sense, since I started in Feb). Considering a move to Crossfit Winnipeg.
    Go Butler.

  42. Kari

    25:40 35# 1st round, then 15# to finish, ring rows, and 18″box jumps
    Happy birthday to the ladies!

  43. Jen

    21:02 (55#,20″,1/2″) i still dont like you Curtis!
    HBD Z & Mimi!!!!!!!

  44. G

    15:18 (65#) – as fast as I could to keep up with the times of my TEAM RAMROD teammates! But was stuck on the last set of strict pull-ups.
    Good pushing the pace with TC and Tim alongside.
    Welcome on your 1st WOD Kim!
    Great to see the following back in action:
    Z – HBD!
    Sarah – you picked up the movements in the WOD like you were just gone a week or two. I’m confident you’ll do well. Hope you are!
    007 – nice shave, it is so Bond…James Bond!
    Jolecelle-good job on the Curtis Ps, reminds you of the Spring competition in 2009, huh?
    Schubert, looks like the you barbell moves are still fluid, muscle memory didn’t take long!
    Shawn V – pullups looked good
    Christine – glad you are over the bronchitis

  45. G

    Welcome Gabriel, visiting and a garage crossfitter from Chino, CA.
    Ingrid, good to see you posting and visiting all the different classes during the day. Way to work hard!
    Arnold, lacrosse ball + pressure point = happy muscles
    Daniel, “Ramrod” fits you well!
    TC, pull-ups is a challenge, it will come. Stay with it especially on the range of motion even with the scaling.
    Good to see Janet post. See you soon!
    JA – Hope your HBD dinner was awesome!
    I agree Fam, WODs at the box when it’s blazing hot outside are always fun and very entertaining indeed. Toe, I will get the video ready next time.
    Mango Tango??? You are hilarious Jason Dolenga. Go DUKE! It’s a very close game!

  46. G

    C-Note, you’re welcome! Even with the redo reps you were still blazing fast!
    Jim, 30″ box jump is mighty. I’ll have to try that level of pain in a WOD sometime with a mouth and shin guard πŸ™‚

  47. David

    I knew I was going to feel that WOD in the morning.