The Girls, Benchmark WOD: “Elizabeth”

Tabata Row



For Time

21 – 15 – 9 Reps

  • Squat Clean (135)(95)
  • Ring Dips

Compare to 091014 results.

Let's see if anyone can find Coach G and Coach Jim in the video, courtesy of CF Mainsite.  South Beach Workout from FilFest 2010 – video link [wmv] [mov]

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Happy Birthday Christine!!

55 Responses to “The Girls, Benchmark WOD: “Elizabeth””

  1. Josh P.

    Held 7 on the Tabataw row, Thanks Gris for the push.
    9:56 (115#, parallet dips). I hate dips.
    Good work Pacemakers, big crew this morning.

  2. Heatherd

    happy birthday Christine!!
    Nice video-looks like “fun” in a CrossFit kind of way–don’t blink or you miss the coaches’ Hollywood shot!!

  3. Jack Rabbit

    Happy Birthday Christine!
    Held 5 on the Tabata Row until the last one then I dropped to a 4. Thanks Rosie for resetting my rower each time!
    9:32 (65#, ring dips with a box)
    Ring Dips are tough.
    Stacy- Juan, Aida and I were planning on being at the box at 6pm tomorrow…will that time work for you? See ya soon.

  4. G

    FYI to all our Team Competition participants:
    BCCF will post Saturday’s WOD on their website tomorrow; time of post has not been determined yet.

  5. the "Gris"

    Happy Birthday Christine!
    9:20 RX. Had to catch Lopez and Juan Timberlake.
    Good job pacemakers.

  6. Jackrabbit

    P.s. Awesome Video! I love it! And I found Coach G and Jim!!!

  7. Jared

    I think I was hitting 7 on the row.
    10:28(105, ring dips) great being up with the pacemakers this morning.

  8. Princess Slaya (tammi j)

    Happy bday Christine! Miss you, girl!

  9. Billdozer

    Tabata-7 calories
    9:18(115#) Grace had Ramrod and I do 115# but it was no bargain after tabata row and everything else this week and the cleans aren’t what get me in this one, its the ring dips…I think Matt was on to something by calling it a day after the row.
    Toe, keep your head up, I still love you and that’s all that matters.

  10. ray

    Tabata – 7 cal
    14 something: 21-12-6
    (135# first round, 95# 2nd & 3rd)
    Still not fully recovered from being sick last week. Gasping for air sucked.
    Nice meeting Manuel and Daniel. Fun working out with the TCats.

  11. Coach Jim

    So are you saying it is time for a new nickname, Arnold? I want to see that clean again!

  12. Andi

    Today ate my lunch! So bummed I had to drop my weight after the first 21 :o(
    75# 1st rd, 65# 2nd & 3rd
    box assist RD
    Thanks G & Daniel for stayin in my face!!!

  13. sean

    8 on all rows
    9:35 (115#)
    Felt better today than “Fran”. Either I’m getting back into the swing of things from my layoff or maybe I just didn’t have vodka coarsing thru my veins from the night before.
    6:20 Rx Fran

  14. Jack Rabbit

    Yeah! See ya tomorrow Stacy!
    Hi Andi!! MIss seeing you since I haven’t been to a 930 class in a while!!
    Arnold, you are the WOMAN!!!

  15. caci

    Tabata row 4
    Elizabeth: 45# squat clean and paralette dips. Time 11:38. Thanks so much to G, Toe, Summer and Fam for the encouragement. I feel so energetic after working out. Freakin’ love Crossfit!!!

  16. Ramrod

    8:04 (115#) Great job all across the board!
    Dozer – good job on those ring dips bro
    Summer- “3 more! 3 more!”
    Andi – dont be frustrated you crushed it 🙂
    Manuel – awesome job for your 3rd WOD man
    Arnold – 5 seconds 🙂
    Fam – you can call me whatever you want lol
    Wheezy – inpirational man, keep doin what your doin
    Ray – good meeting you too nice work
    Ian – I dont care how many kids you have today you made elizabeth your b***h
    And finally Toe – Your a rock star. Nuff said.

  17. HeMan

    8 calories on tabatta row. Bad strategy starting off so fast. That was brutal.
    Fran + Diane + tabatta row = no Elizabeth for me. I really should have taken the whole day off. No worries Steph, I’ll be ready to go for Saturday. BTW – given your new ability to use your abs instead of biceps, i think we should change your nickname to ‘The Situation’.

  18. Noel (Wheezy)

    – Maintained 6 cal thru the Tabata
    – 65#/parallet dips
    – Finally got the squat clean motion down!! Even hit my chin =-)
    No problem Summer, thought you could use a push at the last haul. Sorry I didn’t have my pom-poms.
    Thanks Ray for pushing me on the Tabata row.

  19. Noel (Wheezy)

    ….I forgot
    Happy B-day Christine!
    Thanks Ramrod, y’all are my inspiration.
    Next short-term goal is actually running the whole 800m or RUNNING up 5 flights of stairs with a full backpack.

  20. Janet

    Arnold – good job on the cleans, funny to hear where the nickname came from.. Not sure what Tabata is, soon to find out…

  21. Nicole Disco D

    GREAT job t-cats
    7:54 45#,para dips
    4 tab
    Toe you kicked-ass on Monday and you will do it again on friday.

  22. Billdozer

    Does anybody know what rhabdo feels like, cause I think I have it?

  23. Bobo

    Dozer, Rhabdo symptom number one is pissing coca cola, not beer shits.

  24. Beast (aka JA)

    Happy Bday Christine! I miss you with the Vamps!
    Any of the Wrecking Crew coming Thursday?

  25. Billdozer

    Bobo, I thought beer shits were the only kind of shits there were. I guess I don’t have it after all.

  26. Heather

    Beast, Hernan and I will be there tomorrow at 4 or 5. Can you make it around then?
    What about you Lopez?

  27. Jen

    6:32 (55#,box assist dips)was going to do 65#since that’s what I did back in Oct. but Coach G recommended a lower weight (thanks) since we’re aiming for speed this time.
    Tabata = 4 Thanks TAZ!
    Toe = So PROUD of you MIDGET! it’s easy just to leave and accept it but you came back and killed it! you’re awesome girl!
    thanks Stacy! love your coaching!
    Happy Birthday Christine!
    Can’t catch you April!

  28. April

    Happy Birthday Christine!
    4 cal(all 8 rounds) for Tabata
    6:00 (55#/Box Assisted RD)
    Jen great job–thank you for the push. Stacy thank you for the coaching.
    Toe glad you came back to finish up tonight great job.

  29. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    7 tabata
    10:06 (95#)
    hbd Christine!

  30. Lowell Amparan

    7:32 rx trying harder everyday (tyler crossfit) p.s. new athlete Phil smith aka the LouisiAnimal 6:55 65# 1 band dips!!! nice job

  31. Janet

    5 Tabata..different for sure. 7:31 (75#, box dips) May be out till Monday :(…trying to work on schedule.

  32. Stephen

    Happy B-day Christine
    8 Cal
    10:18 (75#, Box Assit Dips)

  33. 007

    7 on the row
    6:36 (95#)
    Using proper scaling changes the workout entirely. It’s good.

  34. DJ Lance Rock (J. Dolenga)

    6 Tabata Calories
    12:25 (75#, box dips)
    Thanks to all who gathered ’round to count between reps and make me keep at the workout. I did my best not to throw up on you all, and I hope you appreciate that 🙂
    Off to Desert Crossfit in Palm Springs for a couple WODs and the Coachella Music Festival. See you next week.

  35. Genie (Andrea)

    4 Tabata Calories
    10:55 (55#, Box dips)
    Thanks JB

  36. G

    welcome aboard, Joe F and Marie F, who did their first WOD today!
    Good job on your baseline WOD today Marci!
    TC, have fun on moving to your new house. I’m pretty sure that your WODs will come in handy. Move for time ? 🙂
    Bayou City CrossFit Team WOD will be announced tomorrow but not sure what time it will be posted on their blog. Teams have until Friday 5pm to switch from Scale to Standard.

  37. G

    Today is rest day.
    Yesterday was day 2 as a specimen in the Taco Lab. 4 x 50m wide stance sled drag was brutal yet effective, especially after “DIANE”.
    Great job on the Tabata guys and gals!

  38. G

    DJ Lance Rock, be sure to post your WODs from Dessert CrossFit.

  39. Noel (Wheezy)

    Sorry for a late post…somebody out there is probably still insomniac. I just got out of clinical, so forgive me.
    Anyway, just wanted to AWESOME work Toe!! Sometimes you gotta get pissed at gravity, shake your fist, clench your butt cheeks, and get at it!! Grrrr!!!

  40. She-Ra

    Filthy fifty:
    16# KB, 45# PP, 24″ box,
    PR: 33:25
    Not to shabby for suckn in some wind! Sharon… where are you?! THe season is almost over and I wanna hit up the mountain before all the fresh powder melts!

  41. Mimi Tadesse

    55#, ring dips 8:55
    for the first time i tried the ring dips and it was hard

  42. G

    Lowell (TCF), your blog looks good. The gym rules look familiar 🙂
    That’s BadA-time!! Awesome to see that you are starting to pick more up more athletes!