“The Differentiator”

DL   5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5

Compare to 100105 results.


AMRAP in 8 minutes

  • 3 HSPU
  • 5 Power Cleans (135)

Post results to comments.

ACF Crawfish Team Comp Scaled Heat from ATOMIC CROSSFIT on Vimeo.

ACF CrawFish Team WOD Standard I from ATOMIC CROSSFIT on Vimeo.

ACF Crawfish Team WOD Standard II from ATOMIC CROSSFIT on Vimeo.

Videos courtesy of Jenny S.

34 Responses to ““The Differentiator””

  1. Silverback

    Ian, no wonder you have so many kids. You were dry humping the air during the box jumps.
    JB, were you drunk during your box jumps??

  2. Noel (SKIPPY)

    I am just amazed that beside all that rowing, swinging, and running….y’all still had the energy to jump the boxes!

  3. Bobo

    Yeah, It does appear that I was being a bit dramatic on those box jumps.
    Drunken box jumps…hmm. Maybe we should try that wod some day. Chug a beer and do two minutes of box jumps. Go until you puke.
    DL: 295-335-245(3)-335(4)
    Metcon: 9 rounds +4 reps? Should have used pennys.
    Ian my friend, you have joind the nasty pelvic thrust club.

  4. josh p.

    DL: basically 225 throughout. worked very hard on form rather than weight. I had no idea how much my form was off, G is a great coach.
    AMRAP: 7 rounds + 7.

  5. Bobo

    Video courtesy of one of the original members of the peanut gallery… Hernan the Barbarian.
    Oops DL was: 225-295-335-345(3)-335(4)

  6. mikey

    Bro’ that is PORNSTAR!!! That’s why the ladies love you, Ian!
    Back to OTC planning… see y’all next week.

  7. Ivannah

    Hey Grace, guess what. I’m posting.
    AMRAP(55#, 15#DBP) 10 rounds
    AMRAP(65#, 25#DBP) 9 rounds
    Practice 2 rounds-45-55-55
    AMRAP(45#, 10#DBP) 6 rounds

  8. Andi

    AMRAP (90) 7 rnds & 5 reps
    1 ab mat
    Thanks to my partner Katie – Aida, your a DL machine girl!!!

  9. Aida

    Thanks Andi….
    AMRAP – 95 and Rx HSPU – 9 rounds
    I decided I don’t like sweet potato that much anymore, so I need a new name!!! haha
    Need Suggestions!!

  10. Jack Rabbit

    DL 115-135-135-145-0
    AMRAP- 95# 2abmats 5R+1
    Tough tough day for me. I had no strength. Didn’t finish the last set of DL. Let my head win and I was disappointed. Did 95# on the amrap. I was happy about that.
    Andi- Ditto! Fun being your partner! Way to PR today girl. Next time you’re going to hit 200!!!!
    Aida- next time add some weight! 😉 Great job girl!!

  11. Jackrabbit

    I just wanted to give an update to my 930 crew…that big ball on the back of my leg is still there!!! Thanks G, Dr. Fam and Toe for checking it out! Whatever bit me got me good!

  12. Sarah

    8rounds+2reps 75#, 1.5abmat
    OH DL’s! I felt much better today about my DLs. I love to bail when its heavy because I just don’t like the feeling of a heavy DL. It just doesn’t feel right, but I’m working on it thanks to all of the coaches at the Ladies Night 5pm class 🙂 If I can work at a weight where I have some confidence and not a mental breakdown; I think I will get better in time.
    AMRAP was great! 75# felt great after DLs! Except for the fact that I racked the bar on my chest= nice chest bruise. And of course HSPUs have a special place in my heart, I feel that going down to one abmat is in the near future 🙂

  13. T.C.

    8 rounds plus 1 rep with 2 abmats
    Thanks to all the coaches and everyone else who has pushed me along the way, because as of today I am 1 pound away from losing 30 lbs. So thank you all!!! I am hooked on ACF!!!!!

  14. Heather

    135-145-155-165-175(3) Last 5 rep DL PR was 155 so I’m happy with the progress 🙂
    7 rds + 3 (65#) All rounds pike except for the first – HSPU was taking too long so switched to pike.

  15. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    9 + 4 (115/1 abs mat)

  16. Nisha

    7 rds + 4 reps (65#, 2.5 abmat)
    tried to get that last rep in to make an even 8 but could never rack it properly..but was feeling more confident in my HSPUs so am overall very happy with this WOD

  17. chrissy c

    7 1/2 Min AMRAP (my bar broke)
    9 Rnds + 5 reps (Pike + 65#)

  18. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    175 – 185 – 195 – 205 – 215 (FAILURE)
    11 rds + 1 rep (65#, Pike)
    Feel my elbows getting a lot faster on the power cleans!

  19. Teach

    11+5 reps(95#, rx a few rds, blue mat a few rds, 1 ab mat a few rds )
    started too light on the deadlifts, got there a little late so I rushed to catch up. I wasn’t really warm when I started… Bad Teach! Went through a Spec-like scale on the AMRAP. Since it was only 8 min, I didn’t want to spend too long trying to do HSPU, so went for speed and felt gassed at the end. I guess the scaling paid off!
    Julia- great job tonight on your 1st WOD! You are going to be an awesome deadlifter!!!

  20. G

    185-205-215-225-235(PR – 5RM)
    7 Rounds – Rx on HSPU (3 Rds @ 95/4 Rds @ 75)
    Posterior chain was shot due to no recovery after the strength portion. Thanks for keeping an eye on me Admiral and Teach!
    Josh P, you’ll get the hang of DLs soon. Being a long giant system of long levers does pose a big challenge 🙂
    Manuel, moving big loads on your first DL with us for a tall guy looks like you have solid strength. Sorry, straps are fine but wait until the 500s (j/k). Is 375 a PR for you?
    Ivannah, good to see you post. I know you’re in facebook a lot , so glad you could chime in today.
    Miles, let’s keep practicing your form especailly on barbell movements.
    Katie, hope that mysterious insect bite subsides by tomorrow.
    Today’s WOD was Julia and Todd H’s first! Welcome aboard!
    Congrats TC!!
    Lastly, congrats to Gris and his wife!!!
    Annabelle Sung Griswold was born on Monday at 5:46pm weighing 8 lbs & 7 oz.

  21. Patty S

    9 rds, 35#, 12# DB Press
    Thanks for the help with the weights, Babs.
    Many thanks for the encouragement, Mario.

  22. G

    And…great to see Patty and Slaya back in the box.

  23. Brandon W.

    DL 205, 225, 225, 245, 245
    9 Rounds +3(95#)

  24. JUDY

    175-185-195-200-205(PR). 10rounds, 85# PC, 2 abmats (think I will try 1 next time). My back says Thx Spec for not letting me count that first 5 =)

  25. Steve

    DL: 175-185-196-205-215 #
    8 Rounds of:
    Power Cleans: 85# (5 reps)
    Pikes (3 reps)

  26. MIMI

    DL: 145-150-155-165(2)-165
    POWER CLEANS (55#)
    PUSH PRESS (20#DB)