Rules update for “The League”

As with all new enterprises there is the need to adjust
and make necessary modifications due to the “real world” issues that arise when
trying to coordinate so many teams….

Week 1 brought to light a few situations that need to be
addressed clearly. So here are the rule changes:

1)    Teams can
only use a particular substitute once. Period. Example. If Grace subs for the
“the dogs” this week she cannot sub for them again. However if they need a sub
next week they could recruit someone else.

2)    All
substitutions must be approved prior to the workout being posted for the week.
Each team will have one “emergency” sub that can occur anytime until the WOD

3)    Scoring will
be based on finish per week.  1 point for
first 2 points for second and so forth. The score will be cumulative with low
score winning. This will allow for more creative/fun WODs and not penalize
teams for winning WODs with lower point totals. 
A Win is a Win this way.

“Pre-season” Proposal and Vote

Two situations arose this week that need to be addressed
before the league continues.

  • Todd’s
    team was modified to include Teresa in the place of Judy and will compete as
    an Rx team.
  • Grace was
    a last minute sub for Katie of the Reservoir Dogs due to a medical issue.

Due to these situations and my desire to keep things
fair, I am proposing we consider week1 a “pre-season” week and begin new this

This will reset all substitution counts and allow Todd’s
team to compete with their “official” team. I am open to feedback from all
. We can keep the results and move forward under the new rules.  If we keep week one results, “Reservoir Dogs”
will have used Grace as a sub and also their “emergency” sub for the season.

As a league, we will decide and finalize tomorrow before the WOD starts.  Either way, I am really excited about the participation
in the league and think with these tweaks it will be as fun and fair as
possible! – Coach Jim

The following are the results based on our very first run.

989    Reservoir Dogs (Ben S, Scott P, Katie S and Aida K) – Katie subbed by Grace

942    Team POW (Billy N, Daniel W, Janet B and Andi M)

919    Going Commando (Bravo, Stephanie L, Famela U and Matt L)

868    Silent Ninjas (Ian L, Summer T, Carl M and Toe S)

841    Noisy Pirates (Nate J, Pat D, Nisha D and Judy T) – Jennifer C in place of Judy

835    Stud Ducks (Todd C, Sean S, Teresa S and Jolecelle O) – Judy in place of Teresa

802    Filthy Dirty Bastards (Bryan G, Max L, April K and Mimi T)

762    Buck Furpees (Doug M, Aaron D, Heather D and Sharon T)

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