The Games 2009 Stadium Arcadium

For Time:

30 Wallballs (20lbs/14lbs) – (14/10) each,

Then all four athletes complete all four of:

Row 300m

30 Box jumps (24") – (20”)

30 KB swings (24kg/16kg) (no scale)

30 DB Push press / Push jerk (40lbs/25lb) – (30/20)

All must wait until each station is complete with the
work before rotating.


30 Deadlifts (225lbs/135lbs) – (185/115) each

April 30 071

Front Row: Tony B (seated) and Toe

Middle Row: Ingrid, Marie, Ruel, Fred, Ramrod, Billdozer, Andi, Disco D, Arnold and Fam

Bak Row:  Vince, Manuel and Alice

April 30 025 

Seated:  Playboy

Middle Row:  Teach , Mimi, Admiral Nate, Princess Slaya, Pepper, Monique Regina and Babs

Back Row:  Spec, Jack Rabbit, Silverback, HeMan and Chrissy

9 Responses to “The Games 2009 Stadium Arcadium”

  1. Silverback

    Fun WOD this morning. It was good to see so many people working hard at the same time. I appreciate the way the whole box rallied around our fallen warrior. Heal quickly Katie!!

  2. Bob

    You keep goig Toe!!!
    Katie, I know how you feel. Take it easy and heal quick.
    Had a good time working out with Tim & Juan today. I really like the Team WOD workouts.

  3. Silverback

    For those that can make it, a few of us while in our post-WOD funk this morning, decided to get together at Baker Street Pub (Town Center) tonight beginning at 6:30-ish. We may meander to another establishment once we’ve reached critical mass. Come and join us!

  4. Coach Jim

    Great work everyone! I’ll see you when I return from the Middle East!
    BTW, Here are some interesting times for the WOD at last years games. All Rx of course
    Front Range CrossFit dominated the workout with the quickest time of 14:20.9. San Francisco CrossFit followed with 15:49, and CrossFit Central right behind them at 15:55.

  5. Pat

    another fun Saturday!Watching Mimi tear thru her deadlifts was good stuff!

  6. HeatherD

    Yah-no worky worky tonight…Baker Street sounds fun! Aida, looks like I’ll join you after all!!

  7. G

    Jack Rabbit, hope the “spinalis” trigger point helped earlier. Resting for few days will definitely help. Hope you feel better soon, though.
    Jim, have a good trip! Interesting times, indeed from last year’s CF games team competition.
    Toe, you are definitely a warrior from Thundera!
    Mimi, way to pull all 24 in a row!
    Great crowd again and lots of hard work by all!
    Since I don’t have a video/movie software I uploaded the unedited video (1.25GB worth) and didn’t have luck with vimeo earlier. I’m uploading it again right now.

  8. JUDY (jooooodeeeeee!)

    Great job to all the teams! Shout out to the Noisy Pirates, ARRR!

  9. D-Mena

    So when do we find out where everyone ended up? And where all the teams stack up at the end of week 2?